Boston Bike Love, a.k.a. Cambridge Commuting

With only 48 hours between NYC and a trip to Vermont, boyfriend and I decided to ditch the apple for the bean these last couple of days… And let me tell you, bike monsters, was it worth it!

Boston, I have a major bike crush on you and I ain’t afraid to show it!

Everybody’s all losing their shiz over Portland and Minneapolis, but summer bike commuting is in full force here in Cambridge, MA.

From the Hubway bike share system, to bike-specific traffic signs, Cambridge will get any solid bike commuter in a full-on bikey tizzy. Check out some photos from my travels including the double decker bike storage racks at the T station in Davis Square:

But, with all these bikes abounding, make sure you Cambridge Commuters lock up your two-wheeled honey with a heavy-duty U lock… It’s also a hotspot for Bikenapping!

Bike Commuters of Boston, where you at!?


  1. Andrew

    Awesome! Wife and I actually spent a month in Boston during the winter, and the bicycle commuting was very good (cold but good). We picked up some very cheap bikes off the Boston CL and rode everywhere everyday.

    Totally echo Mir’s comment about bikenapping. I had my cheapo bike stolen parked indoors for about 5 minutes unattended. I think the Kryponite Fahgettaboudit seems appropriate in this area.

  2. Tech Curmudgeon

    I’m a year-round bike commuter in Cambridge. In some ways, summer’s the worst time of year because of all the construction. But there’s still the Charles River and beautiful bike paths on both the Cambridge and Boston sides.

    This year, though, for the first time, I’m starting to feel like there’s too much bike traffic. The evening commute is very crowded.

  3. bigbenaugust

    Please tell me you visited Harris Cyclery in Newton, the late great Sheldon Brown’s old shop.

  4. Mir.I.Am (Post author)

    @Andrew: Holy crap! That is ONE fast bike-napping! And, a interesting way to do bikes in the city without dropping mad cash.
    @Tech: Never heard of bike traffic in any of the places I’ve bike commuted before. I’ll take the crowded commute over no bike community any day.
    @Ben: Never heard of the Harris Cyclery shop, will have to make it next year!

  5. Mariko

    Hey Guys,

    I’m part of a team of college students at Olin College in Needham, MA taking a conceptual design class focusing on a user group of “Winter Bike Commuters in Boston”. If any of you want to chat about your experiences biking in the winter in Boston please let us know!



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