Interbike 2013: Electric Bicycles

As we prepare for the ever so wonderful Interbike show in Las Vegas next month, I can’t help but wonder what might be some of the trends we’ll see. In the last few years we’ve seen more and more brands start to offer e-bikes. Every year that goes by brings more improvements in the technology used, from longer lasting batteries that deliver up to 30+ miles of travel per charge to bikes that can hit up to 50mph. Some e-bikes even qualify for a deduction at tax time; who wouldn’t be happy with a variety of free tax calculators that could be found online ? After seeing this video below, I reached out to Cameron Pemstein, owner of Motiv Electric Bicycles to gain his perspective on what people should expect at Interbike.

BC: What do you anticipate seeing with the trend of ebikes?

Cameron Pemstein: The electric bike trend will continue to grow because smarter IBD’s can see the potential growth in this segment.

BC: What have you seen in your business that people want more of or hope to see in the future with e-bikes?

Cameron Pemstein: We hear this all the time: “I love my bike, but I want to go further!” Our “LR” (long-range) battery offers 28-30 miles distance per charge, so when I hear that customers want to travel even further on our bike, it thrills us to know we have a solution.
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BC: Is the possibility of ebikes traveling over 50 miles per charge coming soon?

Cameron Pemstein: Yes, definitely, it is just a matter of time. Battery technologies are changing at a rapid pace. For example, 5 years ago the batteries that we currently use weighed in at 15lbs, and now they weigh around 9lbs. I am excited to see what the future holds for the e-bike battery.

With that said, perhaps a trend that we might see this year at Interbike in the electric bicycle segment would be longer range e-bikes and probably a few brands offering kits or complete bikes that can go as fast as 50mph. Whatever it may be, I’m looking forward to seeing all that goodness next month!

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