Bicycle insurance = long bicycle life

Nowadays, it has been seen that more and more people prefer to travel using bicycles instead of other transportation modes. People have begun to realize the benefits to environment and health that come from traveling via bike. The industry has noticed the trend and are manufacturing bikes with better utility and looks. The newly launched bikes come equipped with additional features like bottle holders, baskets, shock absorbers, rack and fender mounts, and lots more. Such bikes are better in features and hence higher in price.

Without protecting a bike, one cannot expect to use it for decades to come. There can come a time when it may get stolen or damaged to such an extent that it is unsealable . Bicycle insurance protects the owner from such critical situations and renders long lasting life to the bicycle. The bike is one of the most economical means of transportation. Unlike motor vehicles, one is not required to set a monthly budget for using it. A bike can be used as much as one desires. In fact the more it is used, the better it is for the health of its owner. It has been proven that bicycles can combat obesity, arthritis, joint pain, heart disease, diabetes, lethargy and many other ailments. A person who rides bike for at least thirty minutes daily is likely to have a clean medical bill. Thus one must be aware that losing a bike straight away means losing good health.

There are thousands of online and offline insurance companies which can help one to prevent this situation. Such companies offer numerous bike insurance plans in order to protect the bicycle against all possible odds. To help zero in on the best possible plan, the agents of the company are equipped to help. Protect Your Bubble Insurance is getting very popular these days and is a reliable option to go with when looking for easy and affordable bicycle insurance for your beloved bicycle.

The warranty that comes along with a new bike protects it against manufacturing defects but not theft and losses. Moreover the manufacturer warranty lasts only for one or two years, after which a bike is exposed to all possible threats. An insurance policy protects the bike for longer time thereby ensuring it a long life. Once a bike is protected with an insurance plan, the owner need not have to worry about it in any manner. It can be parked and used the way one wants.

Getting the bike insured does not means that one can misuse it the way one desires. Instead it means that some of the most difficult responsibilities towards the protection of the bike are now undertaken by the insurance company. The owner still requires playing the basic role of protecting it.
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A bicycle insurance plan protects the bike from almost all possible potential threats. It protects against losses, thefts, damages etc. However different insurance covers have different intensities of protection. The higher the price of the policy, the better features in that plan. It is advisable for one to choose an average price policy only. An average price policy consists of the important features which are normally covered by high priced as well as low priced insurance policies. It is advisable to read the fine print before signing up any insurance policy, regardless of price.

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