Interbike 2013: Park Tools

Every cyclist worth their salt recognizes the distinctive blue vinyl coating of Park Tools, arguably the largest bike-specific tool manufacturer in the world.

We swung by their large display at Interbike and marveled at the myriad of professional- and consumer-grade tools there. For folks who are out on the road all the time, some hand tools can be lifesavers. You ARE carrying a basic toolset, aren’t you? If not, Park Tool has you covered; they make a really wide variety of take-along tools for every budget:




New to their lineup is the SPK-1, a tool guaranteed to help the hungry lunchtime commuters among us:


No self-respecting commuter travels without a spork, amirite?


  1. Elizabeth

    I LOVE Park Tools stuff… i bought their pizza slicer as a gift for a friend a few years ago. I don’t own their Spork; I always try to have spare plastic utensils handy (just in case).

  2. Ghost Rider

    @E — the spork is brand new for this year…I suspect few people own it yet.

    Until I can lay my hands on one, I’m using my Snow Peak titanium spork…the choice of discerning commuter/eaters 😉

  3. Wannabe Upright

    A very likely pair indeed! I have a Light My Fire Spork myself, but more often than not just grab a fork 🙂

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