Review: Hickies Elastic Shoe Laces

Have you ever had your shoelaces get caught in your chain, or wrapped around your pedal, or gotten chewed up by your cranks? I have…all three scenarios and a few more. Sure, there are a couple of creative shoe-tying techniques one could use to minimize such entanglements (or one could just get a chaincase), but accidents DO happen.

What to do? How do we keep our shoelaces protected from the ravages of our bicycles’ drivetrains? Enter Hickies, an elastic shoelacing system. The kind folks at Hickies graciously sent me a couple pairs to try out…one for me, and one for my school-age child to test.


The Hickies are made of a stretchy and durable elastomer. They basically consist of a looped length with a plastic “head” on one end that the loop goes around. 14 come to each package…enough for a pair of shoes with seven lace eyelets. The packaging is neat (and recycleable!) and comes with clear instructions. Simply lace the Hickies through the shoe’s lace holes and pass the lopped portion around the head. Viola — instant slipons!

All laced up and ready to go:


The Hickies work quite well — they are incredibly stretchy, so they accomodate a fairly wide range of shoe sizes. How the shoe fits after installing the Hickies, though, will be up to the shoes themselves and your feet. I have fairly narrow feet, and the Hickies were secure without binding. My son LOVES his…no more shoe-tying squabbles in the morning, and plenty of security for playgrounds and P.E. classes! As you can see from the photo below, if the Hickies prove to be too loose, you can try weaving them differently (all covered in the instructions and company website). In our case, the top runs were too loose, and crossing them as shown in this picture took up just enough slack to work:


If they are too tight, though, there’s no way to lengthen them — I had to remove the topmost run on my shoes since they were too tight to allow my foot to enter the shoe. No worry…the shoes now fit like slippers, with even snugness the length of my foot. This was especially handy during plane trips, where I could slip in and out of my shoes at TSA checkpoints and on the planes themselves.

Over the past couple months, the Hickies have proven to be very durable…no breakages to note. If I had anything negative to say about the Hickies, it’s this: I had the topmost loop pop off the head of the device a couple times when pulling my shoe on. The Hickies sort of roll a bit as my foot slides in, and that was enough to pop them loose. If the groove that runs around the circumference of the Hickies head was a little deeper or wider, that may ensure retention.

Hickies come in a rainbow of colors to match nearly any shoe, and the heads are interchangeable so you can mix-and-match to your heart’s desire. Match your bike, your bag, your shirt, your shoes! The Hickies retail for $19.99 per package, and offer a fun and effective way to eliminate shoelace tangles.

Please take a look at the Hickies website for more details, instructive videos, and their creation story.

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  1. bigbenaugust

    Shut up and take my money!

  2. Ghost Rider

    @Bigben — I take it you’ve suffered from some entanglements?

  3. bigbenaugust

    Not normally, as my usual cycling sandals are velcro. But I have narrow feet, tie them pretty tight, and so go through the shoelaces.

  4. BluesCat

    Have you tried them on shoes with clipless pedals, and do the elastic, stretchy Hickies keep your foot in the shoe when you pull up on the pedal?

  5. Ghost Rider

    I have not tried the Hickies with cycling shoes…all of mine have Velcro/buckles/dials.

    I could envision a bit of stretching and slop with a high-torque application like that, though.

  6. bigbenaugust

    Actually, my Exustar cycling shoes are laced and winter is coming up, and now that I am in a place with an actual winter, I may have to put up the sandals… 🙂

  7. BluesCat

    GR – Yeah my old Shimano M076’s have Velcro, and my DZR Minnas have an Elastic Lace Catch (a little loop in the center of the tongue that you tuck the laces into).

    I guess we’ll have to wait to see if bigbenaugust’s stocking feet pop out of his Exustars, and flail around in the air while his shoes keep rotating around on the cranks!

    We’re gonna want pictures of that, Ben … preferably VIDEO! 😉

  8. Kawaii Kids

    Hickies are really great for runners and riders, but I find they are also great for children who hate tying shoe laces. Thanks for your review.

  9. anant tank

    Hey Loved the post and Great review of Hickies shoelaces.

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