A peek behind the scenes at Chicago’s Divvy

As many of you may know, we’re big fans of bike sharing schemes around here. And we’re pretty fascinated by the inner workings of such bike share programs.


Now, here’s a bit of a teaser into Chicago’s Divvy Bikes. There’s not a ton of detail, but still an interesting short read:

There are no signs or banners on this nondescript industrial warehouse in West Town to indicate that the 18,000-square-foot structure is headquarters for what could soon become the largest commuter cycling system in the country.

“It’s intentional,” Divvy Deputy General Manager Elliot Greenberger said. “We’re off the radar.”

Read the full article by visiting the RedEye Chicago page.


  1. Joe

    Divvy installed a bike rack next to my building last summer. It’s located where dog owners curb their dogs. The dogs are still doing their business in this spot, only now they do it ON the bikes. So anyone who rents a Divvy bike gets one covered in dog urine. Who wants that spraying on them while they’re riding. If you rent a Divvy bike, be aware dogs use them for toilets.

  2. Raiyn

    Well, isn’t that special. ಠ_ಠ

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