How To Hang Your Bike on a Vertical Rack

Have you ever been 5-foot-n-change and tried to hang your bike vertically on moving transportation? Well, I have! This week my combo commute took a rainy Cantaloupe and I for quite a ride as we perfected the Art of Racking. And by Art of Racking, of course I am referring to hanging your bike on wall or ceiling-mounted vertical racks. From bike storage rooms to moving TriMet MAX cars, you TOO can hang your bike vertically despite being vertically challenged!


Blurry photos… because I’m just that unstable on public transit. (Look, the doors are open, it wasn’t even moving yet)

This “How To” is a feat worth sharing and a basic commuter skill that everyone should keep in their cerebral saddle bag. Here’s a picture narrative of how to get a heavy-ass steel steed like Cantaloupe all vertically racked up without spazzing out and injuring bystanders:






And… TADA!!! Vertically racked and totally stacked.


Cantaloupe and the Art of Racking

Now, go ahead and make humping and straddling jokes all you want, but smashing the saddle of the bike into your stomach really makes it much easier to balance a heavy bike and navigate the front tire up onto the hook. Other options include growing taller, asking for help, or riding a lighter bike. I’ll stick with stomach-saddle-smashing for a perfect 10 in the Art of Racking.



  1. Ghost Rider

    I don’t know why, but this post entertained me like nobody’s business this morning. The B&W pics look like stills from a 50s-era PSA like “Duck and Cover”, and the whole process made me giggle.

    But seriously, this is just a variation of powerlifters doing the “clean and jerk”. I use this method, too, to hang my bikes from the hooks in my garage. Genius!

  2. Raiyn

    LOL! We don’t have that problem as we’re both 6’4″+

  3. Mir.I.Am

    Glad I could entertain the masses… It’s what I’m here for, guys! And yes, good to know that despite height challenges or exceptionally wimpy arms, the bike rack “clean & jerk”/ the Art of Racking is a legitimate way to get your bike to the sky! Seriously, when I first encountered wall mounted racks like this in the basement of our building in Seattle, I wouldn’t have known about this method if it weren’t for watching my bike-to-work buddy do it with ease.

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