Apartment with bicycle parking

Have you seen this? In yet another “it could only happen in Portland” story, an apartment development in that city is including 1200 bicycle parking spaces as part of the design:

inding a parking spot in most major cities is like playing a competitive sport: With too many cars vying for too few spaces, ruthlessness can often trample civility. But that may not be the case for one neighborhood in Portland—well, as long as the ride is a bicycle.

Currently under construction in the city’s Lloyd District, a cycle-centric apartment complex named Hassalo on Eighth has 1,200 bicycle parking spaces in its design. That’s believed to be more than any other apartment building in North America. The firm responsible, GBD Architects, is considering adding even more.

Bike Portland reports that each of the 657 apartments will be assigned at least one designated bicycle spot, leaving several hundred more that developers are confident will be in heavy use.

Read the full article by visiting the Take Part page.

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  1. PeterL

    When I lived in Tokyo, my apartment had undergrand bike parking – $5/mo (cars were $500/mo). Here’s another apt with bikes parked around the entrance: … and here’s what happens when an office tower doesn’t provide enough bike parking:

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