Vigurvant, tandem bicycle extension pedal-Preview

We received this product a few months ago for testing. But it’s one of those things that we can’t just start using. Well, technically we could. But there’s a few things I needed to get done on the bike that we’d use for the test before we even started reviewing this product.

Let me explain what it is. See the photo above? Notice how there’s a passenger in the back with her feet on the pedals? Well that’s what this is for. You can carry a passenger on your bike and it instantly become as a tandem.

Like I mentioned I needed to do something to the test bike we’re using for this review. I basically had to make it comfortable for the passenger, so I decided to build a rear seat board. Here’s some things you need: Upholstery material (left over from the sidecar project), Saw (oscillating power tool), measuring tape, composite wood (or regular wood), foam pad (not pictured) and a smoking pipe.
vigurvant on

After measuring the composite board, I cut it down to size and drilled some holes for the zip ties to keep it securely mounted on the rear rack.

I left the zip ties in the holes while I did the upholstery.

Installed pedals. The Park PW1 pedal wrench was either too thick or the pedals didn’t have enough clearance to allow the tool to work. I had to find a 15mm cone wrench to snug the pedal in.

Voila! New rear seat and Vigurvant pedals on the Torker CargoT.

Notice the Vigurvant pedals, all you have to do is flip out that aluminum piece. It acts as an extension on the pedal to allow your rear passenger to place their feet on it.

Now I’m waiting for a volunteer to be my stoker and see how this all works out. Stay tuned!


  1. Paul O'Leary

    Hi there,
    A customer of ours sent this link over to us and I couldn’t think but how complimentary this product is with our bike seats. If you have any interest in checking one of our bike seats out (for review, fun, etc.) let me know and I’d be happy to send one your way. Next time you won’t have to create your own seat cushion!

  2. RL Policar


    Send me an email:



  3. Ghost Rider

    But Paul, does your bike seat come in sparkly orange vinyl? 😉

    Seriously, looks like a good fit for the Vigurvant project bike!!!

  4. Graham

    Won’t the passenger have to be taller (or have longer legs) than the rider? It looks like they’ll have a longer reach to the pedals than the rider.

    Also, I’m curious about how much the legs of your pilot and stoker will rub?

  5. Kristjan Holm

    For installation there is 5mm clearance. I have used Park PW5 and some other wrenches by myself, but seems that there needs to be an extra millimeter for the future.
    The extension is actually stainless steel, not aluminum. Finish is a bit misleading.
    Questions about the stoker length and legs rubbing are explained on essential section behind key words
    Check out also clips from blog:
    Some thoughts also about Companion. Length and contact can be problems if the stoker is right behind the captain on the same level. Vigurvänt’s idea is that the captain is on the position as on the regular bicycle and the stoker uses the position that is used with lowriders. This way the pedaling efficiency is also better than riding alone without clipless pedals.

  6. IdahoSpud

    Random curiosities:

    1) Somebody apparently got a good deal on the orange metalflake naugahyde, and bought all the remaining stock! (Some of the corners look a little “rough” – maybe the owner of the sparkly orange should arrange an apprenticeship at a Tijuana upholstery shop. A little “tuck and roll” would be sah-weeeeet!)

    2) I reviewed the instructions for where the smoking pipe comes into play. Did I miss something? I’ve got a pretty good notion how such a device is used… but is it used by the installation mechanic, the pilot, or the stoker?

  7. RL Policar

    A little rough is an understatement my friend haha. I did what I could with the lack of skill I currently have in upholstery-ing.

    As far as the smoking pipe, you’re right. I forgot to mention the use of it. Basically you will need one as you’re making my 3rd grade level seat cushion. You can also try and smoke it as the Capt or the Stoker. But I’ve learned that the wind snuffs out my tobacco.

  8. RL Policar

    Paul O’leary…never got an email from you.

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