A rear rack that can has a 200lb load capacity

Since I published the article for the Vigurvant, we were then approached by the folks from Companion Bike Seats to see about testing their rear rack/bike seat.

Here’s a short description:

A Companion Bike Seat gives your bike many of the same features of expensive cargo bikes and utility bikes, but is easy to install and works on most existing bikes, and some ebikes and motorized bicycles as well!

Not only is there a locking stash-box for your belongings, but Companion Bike Seats support passengers up to 200 pounds. Start a daily bike commuter “bike-pool.” Pick your kids up from school on your bike. Ride your bike to the bar instead of taking a cab, and you can still bring someone home with you!

companion bike seat

After checking out their site, I was really intrigued by the whole idea of being able to carry full grown adult and a sandwich in the storage compartment. So after a few email exchanges, Paul O’Leary agreed to send a test unit over. I’ll most likely use it with the Vigurvant pedals. It would actually make sense for both of of these companies to work together and see if they can do a combo deal.Anyhow, I’m looking forward to the Companion and we’ll report back to you on our findings.



    Can you tell me if this product or the Vigurvant had any recommendations / req’d specs for the rear wheel (Spoke count, rim type, etc)?

    Some cheaper (or expensive lightweight/racing style) wheels don’t handle a single 200lb person very well, let alone 2…

  2. IdahoSpud

    I hope the suggestion of taking your new friend home from the bar on this contraption was tongue-in-cheek. It could be a heady experience to share the road with a semi-impaired dude and the babe on the rack, both trying to get into the Vigurvant groove, at last-call time! (But on the bright side, if semi-impaired dude got detained by the late-night cops, at least he wouldn’t lose his driver’s license, huh?)

  3. Kristjan Holm

    Plenty of Vigurvänt recommendations:
    It depends of each country’s traffic laws, but generally it’s not allowed to drive your bike when you are drunk, even alone. I have done this bar thing a few times and know how tempting the idea is, but… Milk bars are fine 🙂
    Happy All Fool’s Day!

  4. Paul O'Leary

    Our bike seats are definitely not meant for road bikes and racing wheels – as you pointed out these types of wheels are not built to support additional weight. However, we’ve had passengers (often exceeding 200 lbs) on cruisers, mountain bikes, and path-and-pavement bikes without causing any damage to the wheels at all. We don’t have specs on rear-wheel construction, but if you email us your bike make and model, we can research and let you know!

    We certainly don’t encourage biking under the influence … the rules of the road still apply, even when on a bike.

  5. IdahoSpud

    I’d buy one of these in a heartbeat… if it were available in orange metalflake naugahyde!

  6. RL

    Picking one up tomorrow. I may have to customize it…

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