Thule T2 Hitch Mount Rack: First Impressions

Not to long ago we were sent a Thule T2 Hitch Rack to be tested. The kind folks of provided us the test unit to see what we thought of it. They also offer a variety of bike racks that will fit your needs and vehicle.

We know that this is a “bike commuting website,” but the reality is all of us on staff all have cars and in the event you need to transport your bicycle, you’ll want to make sure it arrives at your destination safe and sound. I wanted to document the “unboxing” of the Thule T2 just to show you how simple it is to assemble it.

This is how the rack arrived from

Contents of the box once opened.

First thing to go on is the actual hitch mount. I’ve attached it to my van.

This clever tool was included in the box. It works as a wrench and bottle opener.

Through the magic of the Internet, the rack was installed! The process took about 30 minutes.

The only problem I had with the rack during installation is that one of the trays was hitting my bumper. So I decided to trim of the plastic and place a protective tape over the bumper to prevent scuffing.

I’m looking forward to putting this rack through the paces. The plan is to take my bikes all over Southern California and see how well it does. On the formal review, we’ll make sure we have some better photos to show you this rack in all it’s marvelous glory.


  1. Troy

    We’re you not able to slide the trays in or out on the main support in order to avoid cutting the wheel tray?

  2. holly

    I recently bought a T2 Hitch mount as well. The only problem I’ve had with it so far is that someone tried to steal my bikes and cut the cables for the locks that you can loop through your frame. Thule does not let you replace just the cable assembly, you have to buy the whole arm assembly at $53 per arm. Guess I should be glad that I can just replace the arm and not the whole rack, but it is the first thing that someone will cut if they are trying to get your bike.

    Thule’s argument is that the cable is primarily there as a backup securing device during transport, not to prevent theft. However, a 15-minute stop at the grocery store while you are out can mean a $100+ repair for your rack. They did not get my bikes, though, the locking arm on the front wheel and possibly some activity in the vicinity prevented that.

    Other than that, the rack was awesome on a road trip. The attempted theft, happened after we were back in our home city (bikes were never stored on the rack during the trip), and at that point it was only a short distance to travel without the cables.

  3. bigbenaugust

    Be careful where the frame clamp arm goes… after doing a metric with a buddy, we tossed out bikes on a similar bus-like rack and took off. My Fantom CX fell off on the freeway at 85mph because I’d put the clamp on my bottle and not on the frame/down tube, and so my bike bounced out. No worries, we picked up the bike and it needed a new pedal/bars/seat, but it was fine.

    … and I found one of those wrenches on the road one day near Lake Tahoe. Now I know where it came from. 😉

  4. zombinate

    the trays are installed backward. The armature should be on the side opposite the car when it is folded down, closest to the user when standing behind the vehicle.

  5. RL


    I couldn’t get any more clearance even if I slid the trays up.

    zombie, the trays are installed properly. I followed the directions. In addition, if you Google this rack, you’ll see that other T2 racks are installed the same way.


  6. zombinate

    You are correct, I wasn’t clear. The plastic trays are on correctly.
    The platforms are on backwards. When standing behind the vehicle, with the rack folded down, the ratcheting arm should be on the side closest to you so that the open part of the wheel hook is facing the car. When loading/unloading bikes, it allows you to stand directly behind the vehicle and have on hand on the bike, and the other on the ratcheting mechanism.

  7. RL

    Gotcha! thanks.

  8. Raiyn

    @ RL
    Please let us know if the reversal helps the clearance issue

  9. RL Policar (Post author)

    Nope this didn’t help.

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