Interbike 2014: Monk Courier MK2

I saw this in the Chinese pavilion of the show and it caught my attention because I think this bike has some major potential. You could easily build seats into the front area or storage to carry all sorts of heavy loads. Did you notice there’s a small rear shock to help with comfort while riding. But the real reason why I took a photo of it was because it reminds me the moped that Nacho and Esceleto rode in Nacho Libre.

nacho libre bicycle

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  1. bigbenaugust

    Only if you make the same face Nacho does when he twists the throttle. 🙂

  2. Raiyn

    According to the website they also have unsuspended models. Though I’m completely uncertain as to what they’re intending when they list the prices.
    They have the Tricarca XL-largo completo listed as “$2670.53 MXN” which if you take it as meaning pesos it works out to about $201.45 USD which may or may not be right depending on materials and parts spec.

  3. Raiyn

    Looking at some of the other products in the line it seems that it may actually be a correct figure given that the Wally-World ready Dora Bike seems to fall inline with what you’d expect of a big box BSO.

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