Interbike 2014: Motiv Electric Bikes

We’ve been friends with Motiv Electric Bikes for the past few years and we’ve seen them grow from day one. So it brings us pleasure to see them grow their model line. Check out the latest offering from Motiv.

This is called the Sherpa. Appropriately named for it’s ability to carry all sorts of stuff. That front rack/basket is mounted directly to the frame. Which means more stable riding and none of that front wheel flopping around when from your heavy basket.
motiv electric bikes

Check out this ginormous basket! It’s HUGE!
motiv sherpa

motive electric bikes sherpa

Again…a nice rack! The Motiv Sherpa can become your next cargo bike…minus that extra long bike length.
motiv electric bike cargo sherpa

Next up is the Motiv Stout. This is their entry into the Fat Electric Bike segment.
motiv stout

Big fatties.motiv stout
If you’ve never ridden a fat tired bike, you’ll be quite surprised how well they roll. They’re actually very smooth and you really don’t feel the weight of those big tires. I can’t even begin to imagine how fun an electric fat tire bike would be!
motiv fat tire bike

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