Interbike 2014: Virtue Cycle Solutions

virtue cycle solutions
This was probably the coolest thing I saw at the show, the Pedalist. It’s a mix between an car-ish/e-bike/trike.

virtue pedalist

This is the front view of the cockpit.

View of the rear electric powered wheel.
pedalist interbike 2014

It’s equipped with some really sweet mag wheels.
pedalist virtue

Here’s Art Aguilar sitting in the Pedalist to show you what it would be like.

We spoke to the folks at Virtue about their product and they said the Pedalist would fit inside a traditional bike lane in San Diego, Ca. The complete kit, if I recall correctly includes the e-trike, and the outer shell was less than $3k.

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  1. ret3

    In a shell- and motor-free form, this would be just the thing for balance-wary would-be riders who want both cornering stability and upright seating.

  2. Tom Bobo

    It’s a cargo tadpole trike.
    It seems that they
    designed it based on Nihola trikes
    with an improved leaning suspension
    features and longer wheelbase (maybe
    from Surly Big Dummy?).
    I’d use it for groceries 🙂

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