The Bike Geek: Is your company bike commuter friendly?

I hope you have been enjoying “Bike to work month” also known as “Bike commuters get lots of free schwag month.” Lots of companies jump on the “bike to work” bandwagon and all kinds of interesting stuff pops up during this month.


An email that I received from Performance Bicycle caught my interest, it was called “How to make your business bike friendly“.


So this got me thinking if my company is bike friendly, or to be more precise, bike commuter friendly. As I mentioned on previous posts, the President of the company that I work for rides his bike to work from time to time so he understands some of our needs. Although the company does not have a dedicated bicycle rack to park our bikes, he is cool with having our bikes inside next to our cubicles or in the warehouse. I think that this is much better than leaving the bikes outside.


We also don’t have any showers and I doubt that the owner of the building would want to add one. I really don’t see the lack of showers a big deal, we have written a few articles on how to clean up once you get to work:


Here’s the thing, I really don’t believe that a facility needs to be “bike friendly” to promote bike commuting, I think our culture is so car centric that we are usually dubbed as the weirdos that ride a bike to work and that is what needs to change. Bike commuting is perceived as dangerous, inconvenient and in some cases, as the poor man’s form of transportation.


But how do we change that? Trying to convince that our fat ass society needs more physical activity? Good luck with that… That cycling is safe? Cycling is indeed safe, is the asshole drivers that make it dangerous. Provide more infrastructure for bicycles? Sure, but it is my experience that bike lanes are not enough. Move to Portland? I wish.

I no longer try to convince people to ride their bike to work, I just simply answer their questions on why it is a personal preference. So let’s keep enjoying all the free stuff that we get on “Bike to work month/week/day”, the way I see it, more free stuff for us!

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