My Bike-Train commute in the dark

Hello Bike Commuters, I hope you enjoyed my NiteRider Lumina Micro 600 review from last week. This week’s post is sort of a prequel to last week’s post, I want to share my experience of riding my commuter bike to the train station in the dark.


I’ve always been hesitant to ride my bicycle on the streets during darkness and I guess I am not alone because I did not see many bike commuters during my ride. As with most of my bike commutes, I always tend to plan methodically my rides and my equipment. Did I over do it? Maybe a little, but you can’t tell me that I wasn’t visible.


I got a few questions regarding the green light that I installed at the bottom of my bike; this is a Brightz, Ltd. Go Brightz LED Bicycle Light that I purchased from Amazon for $12.99.



Another question I got was what the hell is that on the downtube? That is the Folding Abus Bordo Folding Lock Granit X 6500 which came in handy because I had to lock up my bike to a post while I retrieved my car from an indoor parking lot (I have a roof rack).


Enough of product placement, how was the ride? My apprehension of riding through the streets turned into excitement; cars actually moved over to their left because they actually saw me coming on their rear view mirrors! The NiteRider Lumina 600 Micro Light was plenty enough to light my way through the streets and never worried about outrunning it.


Riding the San Diego Creek is also part of my commute, fortunately Irvine happens to be a very safe city and the bike trail was fully lit. I still recommend using a decent light while riding on the trail, the rider on the left was barely visible in dark areas.


My last concern was the train station, I’ve seen plenty of movies where shit goes crazy at dark, creepy stations. My concern was unfounded; the Tustin Train station is fully lit and I felt safe.

I truly enjoyed bike commuting while is dark and I plan to continue doing it… until it rains.


  1. Jack

    Dude- It’s SoCal- it doesn’t rain….much.
    Fenders are the KEY- you can do this. it’s easy. I ride year round in Seattle. Give it a shot- it’s not as bad as you think.

  2. The Bike Geek (Post author)

    That maybe my next commuting adventure, it is only water, right?

  3. David

    When I’m well lit and have plenty of reflectives on my bike and/or body I think I’m actually way more visible after dark than during daylight hours. This time of year almost my entire morning ride and about half of my evening ride are in the dark. One advantage of the early morning is less motor traffic. Here in suburban Florida that’s important because there is very little biking infrastructure on my 12 mile commute.

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