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Welcome back bike commuters! So last year I used my commuter bicycle to ride the Rosarito-Ensenada 50 mile fun ride. If you recall, my commuter bicycle at that time was the Devinci Caribou cyclocross/touring bike that I used to do the train-bike commute thing until I found my Spicer Cycles CX bike.

2016-05-09 12.29.46

Turning my Devici Caribou into a road bike was rather easy; I simply removed the rear rack and added road tires and bam! road bike.


One of my bucket list items is to do a Cyclocross race, guess what? I am doing one this weekend! The great city of Moreno Valley is hosting a Cyclocross event so I decided to join the fun by signing up on the “CX First Timer Race”.


I will be racing my Spicer Cycles CX commuter bike, this bike was originally built to be a racing bike but I added the rear rack and some lights to make it more commuter friendly.


The only thing that I am changing is the crankset; it is currently setup as a 52/39 which is great for bike commuting on relatively flat surfaces and not-so-steep hills. I am going with a 50/34 setup which should allow me to tackle the steeper and longer hills at the race course. Check out our Facebook and Instagram pages for action shots and we’ll be streaming live from the race on Facebook Live at around 8:30 AM Pacific.


  1. Adam C. Cooper

    50 mile fun ride is really awesome! Loved your post. Thanks for shearing. Keep it up 🙂

  2. Sean Mentz

    Undoubtedly you did a great job. I am also thinking myself to do this kind of fun riding, although I am a beginner cyclist.

  3. Robert Blackshire

    Commuter racing bicycle is added extra pleasure of traveling. Thanks for your post and visualization.

  4. Tony

    Hey Rider

    You are just Awesome. 50 mile “CX First Timer Race” is just actually fun time. I really like this post.Please keep it up always update your post and your riding experience.

    Best Of Luck

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