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new store

Check out our new Shop!

We’re trying something out. We want to start offering products to our readers. So what you’ll see is our soft-launch of our online shop of a variety of commuter related…

fix bikes

Join us and help fix bicycles for the less fortunate

We’d like to invite you all back again for this round of repairs. So here’s the plans: Sunday Jan 25th, 2015 12-3pm Santa Ana on Civic Center and Ross Please…


The Realities of Biking to Work

There are lots of reasons to trade in your car and make the switch to biking to work every day. The most basic benefits of the switch are outlined in…


Car and Bike Safety Advice This Holiday Season

Those looking to commute this holiday season should take extra caution. Not only are the holiday seasons a time when more Americans are on the roads, it’s also a time…

Friday Musings: 5 Signs You May Be a Paranoid Bike Commuter

Mir.I.Am confesses that she may be a paranoid bike commuter. Any other Bike Commuters readers out ther partake in paranoid lock-up behavior? Or do you more faith in humanity and the greater bike population?!