What the…

I got an email from a loyal reader sharing his story about how he was whacked by a big SUV…check it out…

Fellas –
Quick story: I was riding home from a trail ride on my MTB.
Headlight, taillight, helmet — so I was being safe. The town I live
in, and in particular, the roads I was on, are unfriendly to cyclists,
typically. The drivers make me insanely nervous. I had taken a side
street, and went through a parking lot, and was now rolling on a
sidewalk approaching a crosswalk and traffic light at which I would
need to cross 4 lanes of traffic. The light was red, and as the road
was a T, and there were not pedestrian signs (there are now, though),
I couldn’t see how long it had been red. I started across — it
quickly turned green. A Suburban anticipated the light change and was
accelerating through the intersection. Of course, they hit me, and
threw me into the middle of the intersection. If not for the helmet,
I would not have gotten up. I did get up, and suffered some gashes,
bruises, and a broken humerus. (I got off easy!)

Waiting on the douche bag part (aside from anticipating a light and
accelerating through it, and not seeing my lights)? They, along with
their insurance company, have been pestering me to pay the $1400+ in
damage _I_ did to their SUV.

You HAVE to be a douche bag if you hit a cyclist and then ask them for money.

LED Spoke Light

I came home from work and Priscilla handed me a be-lated Christmas Gift!
led bike light

Apparently she ordered it from some sort of mail order catalog. It was about $12 or so. The packaging doesn’t really have much info as far as where to buy it, but the invoice shows you can get more information from

I mounted the LED to my Redline 925. Installation takes no more than 10 minutes.
led lights

The unit cycles through 5 or 6 words and about 36 different patterns. These pictures don’t do it justice…

Here’s a partial image from the LED while it was in my kitchen.

Here’s what it looked like while I was out in the street.

This thing is pretty darn bright. I’d totally recommend it! Besides, its only $12…that included shipping.

So…did you get anything bike related for Christmas?

Now that the birthday of Little Baby Jesus has passed, did any of you get something bike related? I got a nice Craftsman Socket Wrench set from my Secret Santa. Priscilla got a nice Cyclo-Computer from me…what about you? Tell us what you got and perhaps we might get jealous and offer to trade you for that awful Reindeer Tie or package of underwear that some of us may have received.

Merry Christmas!

From all of us at and…

Merry Christmas!!!!!

You like our Christmas card that we sent to all of our friends in the bike industry?

We’re taking this time to take a breather and spend time with our families and enjoy the holiday. We hope you do the same…HOHOHO!

Fixed Gear Friday: Swobo Sanchez Frameset Review

I got this Swobo Sanchez Frame set for Father’s day from Banning’s Bikes in Fullerton. I had been riding the Raleigh One Way, but unfortunately the frame was a tad too big for me. I transferred the wheels, crankset, chain and pedals from the One Way to the Sanchez, I installed a shortened MTB flat bar, a carbon fiber post and a Brooks Saddle.

Thumbs up:I really like riding the Sanchez. The frame is comfortable and rides super smooth. The galvanized finish gives it a different look and I don’t have to worry much about scratches. The Swobo comes with no brakes, but the front fork is drilled for one and not wanting to become pavement tortilla, I installed an XTR lever matted to a Powertools brake caliper. Stopping power is awesome.

Thumbs Down:The bike is not drilled for water bottle cages, so I ended up installing one on the handlebars. My commute is 21 miles round trip so I do have a need for hydration.

Do I recommend the Sanchez? In a world full of conversions and Pistas, the Sanchez dares to be different. Although the complete bike is a little trendy for my taste, buying the frameset and building it up to one’s liking is totally recommendable.

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