Merry Christmas!

From all of us at and…

Merry Christmas!!!!!

You like our Christmas card that we sent to all of our friends in the bike industry?

We’re taking this time to take a breather and spend time with our families and enjoy the holiday. We hope you do the same…HOHOHO!

Fixed Gear Friday: Swobo Sanchez Frameset Review

I got this Swobo Sanchez Frame set for Father’s day from Banning’s Bikes in Fullerton. I had been riding the Raleigh One Way, but unfortunately the frame was a tad too big for me. I transferred the wheels, crankset, chain and pedals from the One Way to the Sanchez, I installed a shortened MTB flat bar, a carbon fiber post and a Brooks Saddle.

Thumbs up:I really like riding the Sanchez. The frame is comfortable and rides super smooth. The galvanized finish gives it a different look and I don’t have to worry much about scratches. The Swobo comes with no brakes, but the front fork is drilled for one and not wanting to become pavement tortilla, I installed an XTR lever matted to a Powertools brake caliper. Stopping power is awesome.

Thumbs Down:The bike is not drilled for water bottle cages, so I ended up installing one on the handlebars. My commute is 21 miles round trip so I do have a need for hydration.

Do I recommend the Sanchez? In a world full of conversions and Pistas, the Sanchez dares to be different. Although the complete bike is a little trendy for my taste, buying the frameset and building it up to one’s liking is totally recommendable.

Are you looking for the perfect bicycle frame? We have a large inventory to choose from..

Hybrid Hype

A coworker and I got into a debate about hybrid cars. He wants to spend 30k on a hybrid or electric car. His reasoning behind it…”I want to save the environment.” Naturally I said, why don’t you just get a bicycle. He lives close enough to commute. But here’s what he said…

“That is not practical, what if I have to go the grocery store, go some where where I have to pick up things or carry passengers. It doesn’t make sense to ride a bike. I currently use my car(gas powered) in many ways, I don’t see how you can use a bicycle in a ways of a car”

I started telling him about my Xtracycle and so forth, but then he goes off in a tangent about how it doesn’t make sense. By that time other coworkers were saying to him that if he really wanted to save the environment, then he should just get a bicycle. Everyone argued that a bicycle has no emmisions and all that jazz….But this hybrid loving coworker was set on dropping tons of cash just so he could “save the environment.” We all tried to get our point accross about bikes, but this guy was stubborn.

Douche Bag

What’s a Douche Bag you ask? Is it a feminine hygiene product?
douche bag

Well yes and no. In this application, we’re using it to describe…”somebody who you think is a complete retard and doesn’t know anything about what they’re talking about.” (thanks to the Urban Dictionary).

In my commuting adventures, I’ve dealt with so many douche bags on the road. Some threaten, some act like they’re going to get out of a car, but most of the time they’re all talk. Plus they think they are super tough in their car.

One of my favorite douche bags was this fella right here.
douche bag
This guy cuts me off, and when I let him know what he did…I get that! I mean c’mon!

I’m sure each and one of you has had some sort of run in with a douche bag in your days. I’m curious to know who’s story will blow us away.

How to Shop for a Kid’s bike

Here’s some quick tips on figuring out which sized bike to get your child for Christmas.

Children’s bicycles are measured by the size of wheel they have, 16″, 20″ and 24″. So here’s some age appropriate sizes you can use:

16″ 5-7 years old

20″ 8-10 years old

24″ 11-13 years old

Now take those measurements with a grain of salt. Kids tend to grow at different rates…especially when they start hitting puberty. But with my own kids, we saw that Breanna, had a major growth spurt and her 20″ bike was stretched out to the limits on the seat post and stem extension after about a year.

So with that in mind, you may want to consider a bike that will grow with your kid. If you’re kid. For boys usually a 20″ bmx bike will suit their needs for years to come and you really don’t have to worry too much about the fit and geometry. For girls, I’d recommend beach cruisers put out by Nirve and Electa, they tend to be more growth friendly than a 20″ mountain bike.

But before you head out to the bike shop, measure your child, and place an imaginary line against yourself so when you talk to the guys at the shop, you can say, “Billy is this tall” (as your pointing to your imaginary line. Then if they’re good, they can figure out which size to get.