One Proud Mama

You may remember my 10yr old daughter Breanna participated in the PTA Reflections program at her school. Any child is able to enter a piece of artwork centering on the theme “How I can make a difference is….” Breanna chose to share a video about how she can make a difference by riding her bike. What can I’s in the blood. lol.

Well tonight I am proud to say that Breanna won first place in her category for her school and is one of twenty-one children to represent our PTA council at the next judging level (there were hundreds of entries). This is the third level of judging that she is moving on to. She could then move on to represent the state on a national level. What an incredible way to get this message out!!

What was really incredible was one of the judges would not stop talking about how amazing Breanna’s video was. She said that she was so impressed with the video that she wants to speak with the city to have Breanna’s entry run as a commercial on the local station to advocate bike riding!!! How cool is that?!

We’re just so proud of our sweet Banan. We truly believe that bicyles do make a difference in this world and are so proud to see the next generation raise up and begin the efforts to get more people on their bikes! So we’ll keep you updated on the progress! We will find out on Saturday if she will move to the fourth level. 🙂 And in case you missed the video you can watch it here.

SFPD Bicycle training video

Check out this video made by Officer Brenda B. Walker, it covers 3 common bike/car scenarios: Dooring, Driver Intimidation and Bicycle Motorist accidents.

Note: Please check your local laws, the vehicle codes cited on the video apply to California.

Got a home remedy?

Usually I’ll get some snot build up and the riding starts to loosen it and all I have to really do is a Snot Rocket and out it goes.

But I remember when I got on my bike after a night of body aches and fevers…I felt horrible! But I didn’t want to miss riding my bike because I love it so much. However, about a mile or two later, I went back home to go rest.

I’ve heard of home remedies such as Apple Cider Vinegar, honey in green tea, or chicken soup to nurse the body back to health. But I’m curious to know if there is a super quick way to get back on the saddle with some of your suggestions for a home remedy?

Nirve Night Owl First Impression

I’ve been testing our the Nirve Night Owl the past few days and I’m very pleased so far on the performance of this bike. So much so that I took it out for some singletrack and fire road action this morning at the local trail.

However, the streets is where the Night Owl really excels. This bike is so much fun. I can’t put my finger on it yet because every time I get on this bike, it just feels right and I’ve always got a smile on my face.

I think what I like most about the Night Owl is its geometry. I don’t feel like I’m so up right like how most beach cruisers places the rider. But because of the BMX bars, I’m leaning over, but not too far and if I’m at a light and it turns green, pumping the bike to get speed of the line isn’t an issue. The Night Owl has some powerful brakes. Though what I didn’t like already was the pedals. This morning was moist so when I started pedaling in some occasions, my foot would slip. I’m most likely going to put some SPD pedals on the bike to remedy that problem.

The Night Owl cruises at a fairly good speed. Once you get moving, its easy to maintain your traveling speed as long as there are no morons in cars to slow you down. I’ve also started testing how strong the wheels and fork would be by jumping off curbs and getting 3 feet of air. So far the wheels are still true. You’re asking why would I jump of a curb. Well in honesty, in my years of commuting, there have been times when I’ve been forced to get on the sidewalk and jump off the curb just to get back on the road again. Which basically means that if I have to do that in real life because some car cuts me off, I want to make sure that my wheels or fork aren’t going to collapse on me when I land.

So the Nirve Night Owl is doing fairly well. Heck it did well in my first singletrack ride this morning. I’ll keep you posted as time goes.