Moe’s Xmas List

Although I tried to be as naughty as I could, I believe that Santa will find it in his heart to grant me my wishes (yeah, right):

1. For Commuting, I want the Bakfiets, so I could carry my 2 kids AND their stuff around. It is also rare and I bet I would attract a lot of attention.

Image from The Dutch Bicycle Company

I would also ‘settle’ for a Calfee Bamboo fixie if the Bakfiets is too big to carry on the sleigh.

Steve Boehmke’s Bamboo Fixed gear

2. I love panniers and I would really like the Lone Peak‘s garment pannier, that way my co-workers would stop asking me if a cow chewed me up and spat me out.

Lone Peak’s Garment Pannier

I also need a grocery pannier to carry my beer home, Banjo Brother’s grocery pannier would be an excellent choice.

Banjo Brothers Grocery Pannier

3. For my Mountain Biking habit I would really dig a KHS XC Team Full suspension bike, since it’s hard to lose weight ‘cuz of my affinity for beer, I might as well ask for a super light bike (not only that, Melissa Buhl won a championship on this bike).

I’ll take the KHS Flagstaff as my second choice.

4. Since I’m a metalhead, Primal Wear‘s Metallica ‘Ride The Lightning’ (one of their best albums) would be freaking awesome

or their new Star Wars jersey as a second choice (what can I say, I’m still a bike geek.)

That’s basically it, nothing over the top, no $10K Colnago, or $100 Assos Jersey or performance enhancement drugs.

At What Point Do You Replace Your Bike?

I was talking to my buddy today about his bike. He had told me that he was experiencing some mechanical problems and considered parting out his bike. As I dug deeper, he was able to describe the problem. Basically his freewheel isn’t grabbing anymore. During the conversation he talked about buying one of my old road bikes from me. I reassured him that it wouldn’t cost more than $30 to fix the problem on his bike and recommend he go that route. But somehow I think he has it in his mind to buy a new/different bike instead.

Personally I would only replace bike if:

1. It was stolen.
2. If the frame cracked.

Otherwise, I’d fix things as they broke. What about you, when is your breaking point having to buy a new bike?

Playing Hooky, part 3

I took the day off from work today. This has been the first vacation day that I have used all year just for the sake of not going to the office. I did not have any travel plans, or anything on the agenda. My family had been talking about traveling for Christmas this year, so I planned ahead and was really conservative with the days I spent away from work all year. When I did take time off, it was used to travel back east to visit family and friends. I must say, it was nice to not be in the office on a Monday and just use the day to relax and get caught up on some reading and some writing.

After sleeping in and catching up on some errands around the house, I grabbed my laptop and coffee mug (that I use instead of a paper/styrofoam cups) and went to a coffee shop that sits right across the corner from a LBS called the Bike Barn. I had a cup of coffee and did some reading and writing. A pleasant afternoon. When I had satisfied my writing needs, I walked across the street to the Bike Barn (it really looks like a barn…) and grabbed a new set of tires for my road bike. I had gotten 2 flats in the past 2 weeks due to glass and rocks in the road.

When I started commuting on my road bike, I did not make any modifications, and have been riding on 700c x 23 racing tires. These have served me just fine and have not been too uncomfortable but they have about 1200 miles on them and are starting to get too many cuts. When I got to the Bike Barn I found a set of Specialized tires with “Flak Jacket protection” that is supposed to reduce the amount of punctures in the tires. I figure if I couple these with some slime tubes, I should be pretty flat-proof, at least for a while. I also got a slightly wider tire, 700c x 25 to give myself a bit of a smoother ride.

I spent the later part of the afternoon removing the old tires, cleaning my wheels, then mounting the new tires. Since I was in a “wrenching” mood, I figured I would go ahead and clean the rest of my bike. I do this pretty regularly, so “cleaning my bike” usually only requires a warm, damp rag to wipe off all the dirt and grit.

Now that I have a clean bike with brand spankin’ new tires and tubes, I am really looking forward to my ride to work tomorrow morning!