The Ultimate Commuter Bike

Road Bike Action Magazine built their “Ultimate Commuter Bike”. Here are the main specs on their bike:
Sycip Java Boy Frame, SRAM force Grouppo, Conti Tires and FSA wheels. I’m guesstimating a couple of G’s for that bike. So I started thinking, what would be my ultimate commuter bike? Let’s see, my bike has to be comfortable, reliable, fast, nimble, a little stylish and not too expensive.

So here it is:

My KHS F20-R

What is your “Ultimate Commuter Bike”???

“My car reflects my personality”

I usually watch the morning news as I get my girls and myself ready to go to school/work. There was this commercial by an American manufacturer that supposedly had drivers switch their cars for one of theirs. At the end of the commercial, one young lady says “I like this car, it reflects my personality”. So then I thought about it…. Can bikes reflect our personality???

Let’s start with Jack “Ghost Rider” Sweeney:

Jack rides a French Astra from the 70’s that was converted to a SS/Fixie and owns a classic Italian Bianchi . This tells me that Jack is the type of person that enjoys European old stuff, he’s ‘old school’ and a little set in his ways… Can you say: “Can you pass the Grey Poupon?”

Now let’s look at Jack’s wilder American side:

Getting rave reviews from BikeSnobNYC, Jack’s “Patriot” bike says that Jack can be safety conscious while making a bold patriotic statement or his bike ‘fashion’ sense is just gawd awful.

So overall , Jack has a split personality, one that is classy and refined, and the other one a wild “I don’t give a rat’s ass what you think of my bike”.

Let’s see what RL rides:

This is RL’s latest variation of his Redline 925, he has ditched the fenders and has finally settled on a chopped MTB bar. The Redline 925 has had Bullhorns with 2 brakes, then one brake, then no brakes, and back to one brake. What does all this tell us?
RL’s personality is one that tries to be hip but responsible. By attempting to go brakeless, he wanted to be hip and macho, fortunately he got his common sense back and installed a front brake.


Lance also rides a Redline 925. However, his is pretty much stock. He also has ditched the fenders and has drop bars with two brakes and rides with a seatpost rear rack.

I can say that Lance is a Get’r done type of guy, he’s not worried about following a trend (he rides his 925 as a SS, not a fixie) and by using a seatpost rear rack, he doesn’t care about style as long as his bike get the job done.

Lance also has a tender side though… Check out his sticker on the seatpost, “I brought along my sticker for my loyal dog Streaker. Her nickname is Beakers, like the Muppet.” (Posted by Lance on Ahhhhhhh….

Let’s see:
Sometimes I ride a single speed cyclocross,

or a folding racing bike…

or a Commuter Specific bike…

or a MUTT

or a Fixie…

I guess it is safe to say that I suffer from multiple personalities!!!