Commuting KMX Kart

I took the KMX Kart for my commute this morning and it gave me quite a workout. The geometry on the KMX is quite different from any commuter bike or any bike for that matter.


Not only did the Kart do a number on my legs, but I found my arms and abs a bit sore after the ride.


I’m still impressed on how fast this little puppy could run. I wish I had one of those computers that logs the distance and speed that you’ve traveled. Just to see how fast I could take it.


The only complaint I have about the Kart is that I don’t have saddle bags to put some of my stuff in. But that’s something that could easily be fixed. Stay tuned for a KMX Kart “Saddle Bag Project“.


Tandem plus 1 bike commute to school

This morning, rather than getting out the Big Red Bike. I pulled out our Tandem bike and attached the Chariot Trailer Bike. My daughter Breanna and I(she’s the one that took the picture) will be racing our tandem next weekend at the Mt Sac Fat Tire Classic. So I figured what a great way to train for the race and ride to school at the same time.

It’s Coming Next Sunday…

…the 2nd annual “Bicycle Bash by the Bay“, that is. will be there with giveaways from our friends at KHS Bicycles, “bike suitability maps” of Hillsborough County provided by the Hillsborough County Metropolitan Planning Organization and assorted other goodies.

There will also be a bunch of bike shops, food vendors and bicycle advocacy groups there, so if you’re in the Tampa Bay area, come on by and say “Howdy”. You might even get a chance to win something!

The Bicycle Bash by the Bay will be at Vinoy Park in downtown St. Petersburg next Sunday, the 4th of November, from 11AM until 4PM. See you there!

This is going to the local PD.

I was really bothered by the “Dumb Driver.” So I decided to see about clearer images from the video I took. After playing with the videos and taking screen shots, I finally got a clear shot of his license plate and his face. I’m making a copy of the video and photos and sending that over to the Fullerton PD. Now if I see him living in the area, I’m giving him a copy too with a note saying that its been sent to the PD.
Click on image to make it larger.

Know your rights

Now you can throw the book at those pesky uninformed drivers, pedestrians or cyclists!

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