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Are mountain bikes the SUV’s of Urban Bikes?

This question was posed yesterday to Gary Fisher at the LA Bicycle Film Festival. Gary didn’t quite hear the question so we didn’t get a concrete answer. I will attempt…

Russ Roca’s CETMA Rack

Russ Roca installed a CETMA 6 Rail rack on his Fixie, why a front rack? So why the front rack? Sometimes I want/need a normal size bike instead of the…

If this video doesn’t help you fall in love with the Xtracycle…then I don’t know what will

This has to be the most thorough piece of media I’ve seen that best Xplains the Xtracycle. Bookmark It Hide Sites

Cool Lookin’ Xtracycles

Found these on Bike Rubbish’s blog. Bookmark It Hide Sites

Xtracycle Update

I swapped Ibex frames on my Xtracycle. Now I’m sportin’ this fancy schmancy Ibex B27 Frame. They don’t make this frame anymore so this makes my bike even cooler. Check…