Commuter Bikes

NOREX 39 Leather Saddle

A friend gave me this old saddle that came off a late 70’s Peugot.

It has the same styling as Brooks Saddles.
norex saddle 39

I think with a bit of leather conditioner, I maybe able to somehow make this dried out, shrivilled up saddle into something nice…I’m just hoping the rails are not bent.

I didn’t find much info on this brand other than this place.

What the…

I got an email from a loyal reader sharing his story about how he was whacked by a big SUV…check it out…

Fellas –
Quick story: I was riding home from a trail ride on my MTB.
Headlight, taillight, helmet — so I was being safe. The town I live
in, and in particular, the roads I was on, are unfriendly to cyclists,
typically. The drivers make me insanely nervous. I had taken a side
street, and went through a parking lot, and was now rolling on a
sidewalk approaching a crosswalk and traffic light at which I would
need to cross 4 lanes of traffic. The light was red, and as the road
was a T, and there were not pedestrian signs (there are now, though),
I couldn’t see how long it had been red. I started across — it
quickly turned green. A Suburban anticipated the light change and was
accelerating through the intersection. Of course, they hit me, and
threw me into the middle of the intersection. If not for the helmet,
I would not have gotten up. I did get up, and suffered some gashes,
bruises, and a broken humerus. (I got off easy!)

Waiting on the douche bag part (aside from anticipating a light and
accelerating through it, and not seeing my lights)? They, along with
their insurance company, have been pestering me to pay the $1400+ in
damage _I_ did to their SUV.

You HAVE to be a douche bag if you hit a cyclist and then ask them for money.

LED Spoke Light

I came home from work and Priscilla handed me a be-lated Christmas Gift!
led bike light

Apparently she ordered it from some sort of mail order catalog. It was about $12 or so. The packaging doesn’t really have much info as far as where to buy it, but the invoice shows you can get more information from

I mounted the LED to my Redline 925. Installation takes no more than 10 minutes.
led lights

The unit cycles through 5 or 6 words and about 36 different patterns. These pictures don’t do it justice…

Here’s a partial image from the LED while it was in my kitchen.

Here’s what it looked like while I was out in the street.

This thing is pretty darn bright. I’d totally recommend it! Besides, its only $12…that included shipping.

Hybrid Hype

A coworker and I got into a debate about hybrid cars. He wants to spend 30k on a hybrid or electric car. His reasoning behind it…”I want to save the environment.” Naturally I said, why don’t you just get a bicycle. He lives close enough to commute. But here’s what he said…

“That is not practical, what if I have to go the grocery store, go some where where I have to pick up things or carry passengers. It doesn’t make sense to ride a bike. I currently use my car(gas powered) in many ways, I don’t see how you can use a bicycle in a ways of a car”

I started telling him about my Xtracycle and so forth, but then he goes off in a tangent about how it doesn’t make sense. By that time other coworkers were saying to him that if he really wanted to save the environment, then he should just get a bicycle. Everyone argued that a bicycle has no emmisions and all that jazz….But this hybrid loving coworker was set on dropping tons of cash just so he could “save the environment.” We all tried to get our point accross about bikes, but this guy was stubborn.

Douche Bag

What’s a Douche Bag you ask? Is it a feminine hygiene product?
douche bag

Well yes and no. In this application, we’re using it to describe…”somebody who you think is a complete retard and doesn’t know anything about what they’re talking about.” (thanks to the Urban Dictionary).

In my commuting adventures, I’ve dealt with so many douche bags on the road. Some threaten, some act like they’re going to get out of a car, but most of the time they’re all talk. Plus they think they are super tough in their car.

One of my favorite douche bags was this fella right here.
douche bag
This guy cuts me off, and when I let him know what he did…I get that! I mean c’mon!

I’m sure each and one of you has had some sort of run in with a douche bag in your days. I’m curious to know who’s story will blow us away.