Are you a Hybrid Shopper?

For the most part I do my bicycle related shopping all online. There are a few exceptions like clothing and helmets, those items I prefer to try on because my body isn’t quite a standard fit. I’ve got short arms, long torso, short inseam and a big head. Good enough visual for you?

When I do shop online, I will check out some of my normal haunting grounds such as Ebay, Amazon and the various online brands like Performance, Nashbar and Pricepoint.l often will search for coupon codes before I start shopping. A good source would be This site actually gives me coupon codes for all sorts of online retailers as well as some of the sites I mentioned above.

I know that there’s a big push to shop at a LBS, trust me, I do. I usually will got there to purchase an actual bike or other hard goods such as parts like chains, tires, tubes, lubes and helmets. So in a sense you could say that I’m a hybrid shopper, online and LBS. Would you consider yourself a Hybrid Shopper too or do you stick one or the other?

Check out our new Shop!

We’re trying something out. We want to start offering products to our readers. So what you’ll see is our soft-launch of our online shop of a variety of commuter related products. Depending on how well it does, it will determine if we continue with it. We sure hope you can help support our endeavors and keep this going.

new store

Eventually we want to make it this shop so successful that we can offer you some of the latest and greatest products out there. Thank you!

One of the items we are trying out would be the ORP Smart Horn. Normal retail is $64.99, our Sale price is: $59.99! Our shipping is a Flate Rate of $3.00 on any item!

orp smart horn

ORP horn on


Good news from Pearly’s

Remember a couple months ago, we reviewed Pearly’s Possum Socks? Well, Duke from Pearly’s has some good news to share with everyone:

Pearly’s volume has grown significantly over the last 12 months and we are now getting far better prices on our raw materials…which allows us to lower the list price. So…I am really excited to share that Pearly’s now have a much lower list price of only $38 bucks a pair!! We are so stoked to be able to do this price reduction, I think it is going to open up the awesomeness of Pearly’s up to a much larger group of people.

That is huge news, indeed. I am sure a few people stayed away due to the high price of these wonderful socks, but now the lower price point means they’re much more affordable. Do yourself a favor this winter, and track down a pair of Pearly’s…your feet will be glad you did!


T-shirt blowout! Only $15.00 shipped!

Deep in the recesses of HQ, we found the very last of our signature green t-shirts. We’re blowing them out in advance of Interbike (see our beer money post here).

$15.00 USD gets you a t-shirt shipped to anywhere in the U.S. (shipping IS included)*. The caveat: there are only 4 shirts available…3 smalls and 1 XL.



*Goofy facial expression and wee child NOT included.