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Fixed Gear Friday: BSNYC’s PistaDex

Are you wondering if the bubble of the Fixie Trend is about to burst? Check out BSNYC’s PistaDex. Bookmark It Hide Sites

Fixed gear bikes in the news

We know that fixed gear bikes are becoming really popular, in fact, the Arkansas Democrat Gazette wrote an article on them: While such a machine might seem to have limited…

Trek Soho

Trek recently released a new bike called the Soho. They have a few models in this line. It varies from geared to a flip flop single speed/fixie. It’s a sharp…

Bull Horns for your bike

Since Moe posted the new pictures of the 2008 925(scroll down). There’s been some talk about bull horns. Here’s an inexpensive pair…around $22 from Nashbar. Here’s a matching brake lever….

Fixed Gear Friday: 2008 Redline 9-2-5

We have posted pictures of the new Redline 9-2-5 before. Personally, I didn’t care for the color scheme, but when I actually saw the Redline 9-2-5 at the SBS booth…