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Friday Musings: 5 Signs You May Be a Paranoid Bike Commuter

Mir.I.Am confesses that she may be a paranoid bike commuter. Any other Bike Commuters readers out ther partake in paranoid lock-up behavior? Or do you more faith in humanity and the greater bike population?!

Friday Musings: “Naked bike rides” and bike safety

Did anyone out there in readerland participate in the World Naked Bike Ride? If you did…or you participate in other group rides and bike events of the more clothed variety,…

Friday Musing: The “Idaho Stop”

The other day, I stumbled across a great essay on the somewhat controversial “Idaho Stop”, where cyclists are allowed to treat stop signs as yield signs if the coast is…

Friday Musings: An Open Letter to the Backup Bike

Mir writes an open letter to the Backup Bike on loan from a friend, always there to save the day when your main commuter ride is down for the count.

Friday Musings – Portland in the Spring is Just. Too. Much!

Oh Bike Commuters… they say” April showers bring May flowers.” I say “several months of rainy Portland winters bring out the crazies the first sight of sun!”  If you’re not…