Our First SweetskinZ Winner!

We’d like to congratulate Lisa Abney of Tampa, Florida — our first SweetskinZ raffle winner to claim her prize of two 26″ “Scorch” tires.

Here she is with her prize:

We have a WINNER!!!

Lisa was so excited about her win and so intrigued by these tires that she is going to buid up a “rat-rod” style cruiser to show them off…perhaps even a bicycle version of the motorcycle ridden by the Ghost Rider himself (aw, a girl after my own heart!)…we’re talking chrome skulls, fire imagery and some welded chain handlebars. YES!!! If this comes through, Lisa promised that she’d let us post pictures of her creation.

Congratulations again, Lisa — good luck with your project and thanks for entering our raffle!

Trivia Contest — Win a “Gas Sucks” T-shirt!

Our friends at KHS Bicycles sent us some awesome “Gas Sucks — Ride a Bike” t-shirts that we’d like to give away…there’s only one catch: you must answer a trivia question!

The first person who correctly answers one of the following three questions will win a t-shirt. Simply send your answer to ghostrider(over there at)bikecommuters(dot)com.

You are welcome to answer all three questions, but each contestant is eligible for only one t-shirt.

Ok, here are the questions:

1. Who was “lanterne rouge” in the first Tour de France held after the end of World War II? The correct answer will include the full name of the rider, final position in the standings, year of the race and the racer’s home country.

2. Who was the first Italian to win back-to-back Tours de France? The correct answer will include the rider’s name and the two years he won back-to-back.

3. According to a U.S. Census study conducted in 2007, what are the top 10 cities in the United States with the most active bicycle commuters? The correct answer will include all ten cities in the correct order.

So, send in your entries and good luck!

By the way, members of the teams are not eligible…you folks already have your badass KHS racing jersies…so we’ll give other people the chance at some schwag!

Gas Sucks -- Ride a Bike!

And the Sweetskinz Winners Are…

Thanks to everyone who signed up for our mailing list and entered the raffle to win a pair of Sweetskinz tires. It was great meeting you all at the Bicycle Bash by the Bay on Sunday!

Winners were chosen by a blindfolded 4-year-old (to keep things fair and objective!), and they are:

Lisa Abney (26″ pair)

Zachary Pena (700c pair)

Terri Lawley (26″ pair)

Sara Palmer (700c pair)

If you are one of the winners, please contact me at “ghostrider(over there at)bikecommuters(dot)com” — we’ll make arrangements to get the tires out to you and take your picture if you’ll let us!!

Thanks again to all the entrants for this raffle! Stay tuned for other prize giveaways in the coming days.

Thursday Is a Great Day To Learn!

Over at our other site,, I do a weekly article in which I call the segment, “Thursday Tech Tip.” Basically I address any issues that most riders will experience. But I know what you’re thinking…”that’s a mountain biking website!” Well yes it is, but unless I’m dealing with suspension and linkages, it all still applies to your bike.

So if you’re interested in learning on what today’s Tech Tip is…just CLICK HERE!

Tandem plus 1 bike commute to school

This morning, rather than getting out the Big Red Bike. I pulled out our Tandem bike and attached the Chariot Trailer Bike. My daughter Breanna and I(she’s the one that took the picture) will be racing our tandem next weekend at the Mt Sac Fat Tire Classic. So I figured what a great way to train for the race and ride to school at the same time.