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Bull Horns for your bike

Since Moe posted the new pictures of the 2008 925(scroll down). There’s been some talk about bull horns. Here’s an inexpensive pair…around $22 from Nashbar. Here’s a matching brake lever….

Alternatives to the Safety Flag

A few weeks back, we posted a review of a safety flag…and while the device worked well, a number of our readers commented that it might be too dorky or…

Rear Vision

During Interbike, RL got a Wrist Band and a glove from Rear Vision Activity Mirror to test out. These little bad boys allows the rider to see behind them without…

Interbike 2007: KHS Bicycles Offering a Women Specific Road Bike

Here’s Vince Calvillo talking about the new Women Specific Designed Road Bike. Bookmark It Hide Sites

Interbike 2007: Banjo Brothers

On the last day of Interbike we met up with the Banjo Brothers Crew. They showed us something new… Check this out, the left one is the Commuter Back Pack…