Category: Interbike 07

What’s a ute? (Brings back memories of My Cousin Vinny, doesn’t it). Here are a couple of Utilitarian oriented bikes that I spotted at Interbike:

The Kona Ute

and the Yuba El Mundo

We also chatted with the guys from Xtracycle, turns out, Kipchoge and his band will go on a 5,000 mile bike tour!

Here’s another bike that caught my attention:

This fixie is based on a Mountain Bike Frame instead of a Track or Road frame and it has a belt driven drivetrain. The cool thing is that this bike can handle light off-road trails. We are hoping to test one of these babies soon.

On the last day of Interbike we met up with the Banjo Brothers Crew. They showed us something new…

Check this out, the left one is the Commuter Back Pack that I reviewed, then on the right is a BIGGER Commuter Back Pack that will be available in Spring 08. It has about 2000 Cubic Inches of storage. The old back pack only had 1500.

Here’s Moe holding another item that will be ready for Spring 08, a smaller messenger bag. They also went away from the tarp-like material and went with a ballistic nylon.

They went with a gray inner liner, they said the white on the original bags would get dirty too easily.

Plus this bag is a switch hitter. Meaning you can have the shoulder strap go either on the left or the right side.

The Banjo Brothers are super cool guys and we’re pretty excited about the new things that will be coming out next year.