Interbike 07

Back from Interbike

We are back from Interbike and we finally have most of the sites up. We learned a few things about both events — never trust your host provider and beer flows after 4:00pm at Interbike. What was the biggest trend? Commuter/Utilitarian Bikes! Most manufacturers will offer bicycles with fenders, racks, lights and power-assist electric motors. Check out the pictures:

KHS Urban X

The KHS Urban X; the bike gets a new paint scheme and a new Shimano “Special teeth profile shifting”

Giant Storm
Giant City Storm, bike features integrated lights, speedo, rack, frame lock and fenders.

There were also plenty of Folding bike offerings:

Here’s a full carbon folding bike:

Kona surprised me with their new Kona Smoke, a 29er Commuter Bike!

Even Haro is throwing their entry in the hat:

For those who like Mountain biking, the ‘Niner revolution is still going strong — all major manufacturers offer a 29er bike in their lineups. Check out for Interbike mountain bike coverage.

We’ll keep posting more Interbike stuff as we go through our collection of over 600 pictures which you can check out by clicking on the flickr sidebars.

Interbike Day 1 -Jango-

Well, we are here at Interbike. This is my first time coming to the BIG show and so far there has been one company that has really grabbed my attention: Jango.

This company has basically designed a ‘plug and play’ bicycle, you can add all sorts of accessories, racks and bags to the bikes easily.

The bikes are designed to be a ‘do it all’ types of bikes, from a relax ride at the beach to a high mileage tour.

Here’s another neat feature, simply write in your name, detach it from the card, insert it inside the head badge. The cool thing is, you CAN’T remove the head badge! Keep an eye for Jango bikes in early ‘08.