Interbike 2008

Interbike 2008: Kidz Tandem

Russ’ post about Larry Vs Harry reminded me of a rather unique bike that I saw at Interbike:

Kidz Tandem

Cool thing about this bike is that it is a cargo bike AND a “reverse” tandem. Your boy/girl will ride in the front (steering is optional) and the adult will ride in the back. Need to go for a grocery run? simply pull out the saddle and handlebars and install the cargo basket. The entire process takes about 2 minutes! I was not able to take more pictures since I was running out of batteries, but you can get more info at

Interbike 2008: Monkeylectric

We caught up with the guys from Monkeylectric at Interbike, they were showing off their new m464q – Pro wheel light:

The were also showing off their new led strips that you can attach to your bike’s frame:

Christmas is around the corner, so start thinking about getting some festive lights for your bike(Do I smell a contest???)