Interbike 2008

Interbike: The happenings with Loeka

I am a huge fan of Loeka. This company makes riding attire specifically for the ladies. I have done a review in the past for Loeka on our sister site and loved, loved, loved their pieces for mountain biking. I am happy to announce that Loeka has now expanded their clothing line to include pieces for the commuting women! Here are the owners Rory Harmse and Coreena Fletcher telling you a little about their new product line. Enjoy!

If you are having problems you can view it here also.

Interbike 2008: Odds and Ends

This is part 2 of my experiences and thoughts about Interbike. Here are few things that caught my attention, some don’t need an explanation:

The Salsa Fargo, a 29er touring bike with 6, count them 6 water bottle holders. Complete bike will set you back $1865 or $625 for a frame.

Can you say OLE!! This bike reminded me of Spain (Running of the bulls), and yes, it is rideable.

WOW… I bet that will set you back a pretty penny!!!

Now, that is a BIG ASS BLINKY!!! I bet it will fit nicely on my Xtracycle!

Here’s another big ass blinky… you can put it around your neck and shout ‘yeeeaah boyyyy’

This is kind of cool… you can tow your own camping tent. No more days in the dog house!

Russ was there with us… in spirit and in Momentum Magazine…

And my favorite part of Interbike… Hanging around with your good friends drinking some beer.

Interbike video 2008: KHS bicycles

Last week I posted a preview of the KHS Urban Uno and the KHS TR-101. We now bring you Vince Calvillo giving us the skinny on these two new entries. We are also introducing ‘Big Country’, he’ll show us a bike that may bring some memories back.

The rest of the Urban line up didn’t change much. Most of the bikes come in new colors and the KHS Urban X gets an adjustable stem.