Interbike 2008

Interbike 2008- 183rd St. Bicycles

The story behind this brand is very interesting. Many moons ago, Steve Richey was the GM for KHS Bicycles, and on his way home one day from work, he was mugged by a few thugs with automatic weapons on 183rd St in Los Angeles County. So from that day on, he had vowed to somehow use that street name to do something with bicycles, a few years later, you see its outcome.

We’ll get more information about the company, prices and etc. Right now they are only selling frame sets.

Interbike 2008: Xtracycle

The folks from Xtracycle showcased their new ‘Radish’ along with some new accessories:

Xtracycle Radish

Here’s my favorite, a pad that installs over the wooden board:

Concerned about your Xtracycle’s frame ‘walking away’? Check out the new Whatchamacollars:

Not only do these little doodads keep your Xtracycle safe from thieves, they also help your frame from getting damaged by water!

Here’s another interesting concept:

A Dahon breakaway bicycle with a Freeradical kit!!! Check out the Ortlieb panniers attached to the freeradical.

I was a little surprised to hear that some ‘Industry’ people have never heard of Xtracycle, we sent a few people to their booth so they can go and check it out. As you all know, we are fans of Xtracycle and with their ‘Open Source’ thinking, we hope to see more stuff soon. Maybe some accessories???

Interbike 2008: Yuba Bicycles

The Yuba Mundo didn’t change much for 2009. The biggest addition is the big ass bag that you can attach to the rack:

The Yuba is still priced under 1,000 bucks, you can now order yours thru If the name sounds familiar, they are the same people that brings you the uber-cool ‘down low glow’ light.

More pictures below:

Interbike 2008: Madsen Bikes

We are always excited to see more Cargo bikes in the market, we checked out Madsen bikes (thanks to GHD for the heads up) and these bikes are quite interesting.

Unlike the Yuba/Ute/Xtracycle, the Madsen features a 20″ tire in the back. This configuration makes the bike more stable under heavy loads (up to 600 lbs!!!!) due to the lower center of gravity.

They currently offer two models, one with the rack and the other with a plastic tub. Cool thing about the tub is that you can comfortably fit 2 kids inside of it.

The complete bikes will retail at around $1,300, not a bad investment if you are considering ditching the car altogether.