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Not too long ago, we gathered the staff of for a meeting to discuss which products they had tested that deserved recognition. Once we tallied up the votes, we then presented the Editors’ Choice Award during Interbike.

Without further adieu, we present to you the award winners.

Urbana Bicycles
Urbana Bicycles
choice awards

Though they weren’t at the show, we still wanted to honor them with the award.
Soma Double Cross DC
choice awards

Torker T-450
choice awards

Congratulations to all the companies that received these awards.

We stopped by the NuVinci booth to check out their latest hub, the N360. Apparently the famous CVT hub had gone through a transformation in which they had shaved off about 4lbs from the original design. They also made the hub more efficient, thus less drag, a major complaint in the previous model. The new hub was spotted on quite a few different bikes around the show floor, with the most notable being the Breezer Uptown Infinity we mentioned a few days ago.



We met up with Banjo Brothers @ Interbike and they showed us some of their offerings for the new year.
White back packs!

While they were showing us their stuff, we couldn’t help notice their fancy duds. Eric and Mike were THE best dressed @ Interbike! Those pants, custom tailored just for the show.

On display at the Interbike 2010 trade show were many fully-appointed city bikes — bikes that would be quite suitable for utility cycling trips such as lengthy commutes, light cargo-hauling and all-around transportation. A lot of the bikes we noticed in this category come with fenders, rack mounting points and other features that make them quite desirable for someone looking for a versatile rig. Take a look at some of the bikes:

This one from Salsa Cycles comes with a nice front rack and mounts for fenders and a rear carrier. Nice!

Here’s an Electra Ticino in a “mixte” style…beautiful hammered-finish fenders and all the mounting points one could ask for.

Another Electra Ticino…this one in a more traditional diamond-frame format. Same great features as the mixte bike above.

This is a Velo Orange “Polyvalent” frameset…but one that could be built up into quite a versatile machine…rack points front and rear, upright and stable rider position and great looks without being too flashy.

Pashley had a huge display…while their bikes are rather expensive, they come with a lot of desirable features such as generator hubs and lights, racks and full-coverage fenders.

Our friends at Urbana had a great display…all the colors of the rainbow in their sturdy, versatile bikes. We did a review of one of their models a few months ago, and with a little luck we will be testing their electric-assist version in the coming months. A quick look at the e-version suggests it’s going to be a hit — they didn’t cheap out on the e-assist kit they chose.

There were many many more…and I’ll get photos up in the coming days. Things are hopping for the urban utility bike segment!