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Interbike 2011: Ergon USA New Colors Available!

I love me some Ergon products and when I saw that they’ll be offering new colors, I just about screamed liked a little girl. Bookmark It Hide Sites

Interbike 2011: Loeka

Long time friend of is Rory Harmse, owner of Loeka. He was showing off his new bamboo and jacket collection for 2012. This is made out of bamboo fibers….

Interbike 2011: Da Brim

Sorry to say, but this was the goofiest thing I saw at Interbike….its called Da Brim. But I have to say, it does serve its purpose in the hot sun…

Interbike 2011: Dutch ID, a Sub-$900 Cargo Bike

In the same booth as the Footbike I just posted, Dutch ID was being featured by Jeff Oakie. This is the sub-$900 Cargo Bike by Dutch ID. Jeff is looking…