Interbike 2011

Interbike 2011: Hindsight 35

Personally I thought this was a smart idea for any bike commuter. I even joked with the guys at the booth about having 2 units, one facing forward and one facing the rear so the rider can just put his/her head down during windy days and look through the monitors to see where they’re going and who’s behind them.

This rear blinky doubles a camera.

The head unit also works as a cyclocomputer, not sure all the details because I was too caught up with the camera technology.

Interbike 2011: LED by LITE

This gets my vote as one of the cooler products at Interbike. It’s a unique LED light system where you can use it as turn signals by pushing buttons on a remote located on your handle bar.

So the way this works, you have left and right front/rear lights.

Here’s a snap shot of the lights before they are mounted on the bike.

The remote has buttons for left or right. Hit either side to activate the front and rear lights. So if you’re turning left, you hit the button for the left arrow, the front and rear left side will blink, and same goes for the right side.

This light system definitely has some potential in the bike commuter world. We’re hoping to get some to test out from LITE.

Interbike 2011: Russ Roca and Laura Crawford

Met up with Russ and Laura at the Klean Kanteen booth. It was great to see them since the last time we had seen each other was a few years ago. But I spent some time with the two of them just asking a ton of questions about their adventures. Though their bike touring life isn’t for everyone, it does sound appealing. To travel by bike all through out the country with just the gear you can pack on your rig is amazing. I asked about how they prepared foods, laundry, showering and I also confessed that I get super jealous when I read about Russ going fly fishing in the middle of the week.

Make sure you check out for more on their adventures. I suspect this duo will end up on the Ellen show because their story is pretty cool!