Category: Interbike 2011

This product wasn’t actually featured at Interbike, but it was one of our Staff Writers for who showed up with the Packit Folder. I know its such a simple thing and I’m sure some of you veteran bike commuters have been doing something like this, but for some of us, this should be a helpful tool in keeping our clothes wrinkle free as we commute.

One of my favorite items at Interbike was the cool lights from Monkey Electric. I was like a kid with my mouth wide open saying…”WOW THAT’S SO COOL!!!! as I stood there watching their products work.

It’s unfortunate that the camera doesn’t do Monkey Electric any justice, but it really is a cool product.

I had heard so much about this thing called the Circulus that I decided to check it out. The event was happening downstairs from the main show of Interbike. When I arrived, the handsome MC was encouraging people to give the Circulus a shot. From what I can see, this MC might have been the famous a man that who I think is Stevil Knevil of AHTBM. If not, this guy looks just like him!
I wasn’t quite sure how the whole Circulus contest worked, but it sure looked fun!