Interbike 2012

Interbike 2012: Yuba Boda Boda

Cargo bike company Yuba came out with a new model called the Boda Boda. This beautifully designed cargo bike has to be one of the most handsome cargo bikes on the floor at Interbike.

I love the white paint with the walnut colored wood trim.

Eyelets galore!


Dual kick stand for extra stability.

Overall, my favorite cargo bike at Interbike.

Interbike 2012 Energie/Reeves Bicycles

Another Electric bike??? Yes.

Their slogan? “Exercise on your own terms.”

The company is very new having made its first bicycle to be sold in May of this year.

Energie is for the U.S. market and Reeves is for the Mexican market. They’re very similar bikes but some of the specs have been downgraded on the Reeves to make it more affordable.

Energie is based out in Las Vegas, Nevada. MSRP varies between $1500-$2400 with dealer prices receiving a discount.

When I asked why Energie was created when there are plenty of electric bike companies that exist, the spokesperson shared that the company was bridging the gap between the battery company with a bike company. It was at the end of the day so I wasn’t able to get much information from the spokespeople there. So I went to their website and got their press release. According to their website,

“There are only a handful of e-bike manufacturers that offer more than the bare minimum rechargeable power capacity. What’s more besides us there are absolutely “0” bike distributors that are directly connected to a leading lithium cell manufacturer and have access to their own top battery pack engineers.

Ours have managed to fit a massive 36 volt 16 amp hour LiCoMn rechargeable Lithium pack inside the same space normally used by a 10Ah battery. This combination of super high quality cells and additional power adds both distance and hill-climbing torque.

The team also designed and built our own battery management system and charge protection circuitry.

Besides our primary battery pack, we have developed one of the most advanced secondary external battery packs built on the famous Tubus rack from Germany that include sensing intelligence that first knows when the second pack is connected and when the primary pack is low enough to make the switch. No more carrying a duplicate battery in a backpack just to go longer and get home.”

  • 36 volt
  • 16 amp
  • Can travel 30 miles on one charge
  • 20 mph w/out pedaling

Interesting take on why to start a company. I wonder if their bikes will be better than other electric bike companies because of the in-house relationship between the battery manufacturer and the bike manufacturer.

Company site: Energie

Interbike 2012: Pedego Electric Bikes

Interbike 2012 Sign

Pedego, a company based in Irvine, makes electric bikes that function a lot like scooters with pedals. Their designs are catchy, colorful, and cater to those that don’t bike often.


I had a chance to talk to Jenny Nguyen, Director of Social Media for Pedego, and when I asked her why anyone should consider purchasing a Pedego, she said that Pedegos are for those that may “have never ridden a bike–it’s convenient, fun and perfect for the non-cyclist.” I know that most of the readers, if not all, of already own a bike but maybe I could shed some light on what she meant. At first, the idea of making a bicycle (let alone a bicycle company) for those that don’t ride a bike seemed like a crazy idea. But then I remembered when I didn’t like bikes. The only bike I wanted, if I were to ever buy one, was a beach cruiser. And even when I rode that beach cruiser, I thought that it was too much pedaling to be relaxing. So, in other words, I wanted a bike that could both be pedaled and throttled like a Pedego.

Comfort Cruiser Step Through

Comfort Cruiser, Men's

Shown above are the Comfort Cruisers. They offer the bikes in a variety of colors as shown in their catalog.

City Commuter

City Commuter in White



Front Light

I spoke to two different employees of Pedego and both talked more about the City Commuter model. It makes sense — it’s a pretty bike. While priced similarly at around $2,ooo, the slightly more expensive City Commuter was the prettier of the two. Nothing against the Comfort Cruiser, I just dig the looks of the City Commuter better. It can go 15-30 miles per charge without pedaling and 30-50 miles per charge with pedaling. The really cool thing is that the bike can go 20 mph! To most, that’s normal for an electric bike but I know what it means to ride 20 mph without any assist and it’s not easy to maintain.  The City Commuter weighs about 50 lbs plus an approximately 7lb battery.

Product site: Pedego

Interbike 2012: Mustache Rides by Handlebar Mustache

Handlebar Mustache is a new clothing company that debuted at Interbike 2012.
They have fun designs, yes that is Lionel Richie with a bicycle helmet.
One shirt they had available has images of various bikes on it. So if you’re a roadie, commuter, fixed or mountain biker, this will suit your style. The guys at Handlebar Mustache require all their employees to have sweet staches’