Our Third SweetskinZ Winner

We’d like to congratulate our third winner in the raffle, which was held at this year’s Bicycle Bash by the Bay.

Meet Dorian Sage of Palm Harbor, Florida — he won a pair of 26″ “Nightwing” tires. He came over to my house to pick them up and to talk about bikes. Here he is with the tires:

SweetskinZ winner

Congratulations to Dorian and to all our winners…we thank you for entering our raffle!

New Light Source for Bikes?

Elizabeth Adamczyk, our pal up in Chicago, just sent me a link to a Treehugger article that shows a promising new light source that powers itself for up to 12 years without batteries, sunshine or any other external power source.

Bicycle Litroenergy

The light source is known as “litroenergy”…a betavoltaic power source based on low-energy radioactivity. The company that is spearheading this new light source claims that the radiation cannot escape the microparticles it is contained in, making the technology safe for a wide variety of uses.

This material can be molded with plastics or included in paints, among other applications — this could be a really cool addition to the nighttime commuting arsenal!

Our Second SweetskinZ Winner

We’d like to congratulate Sara Palmer of St. Petersburg, Florida — our second SweetskinZ raffle winner to claim her prize of two 700c “Hazarea” tires.

Here she is with her prize:

We have another WINNER!!!

Sara commutes to and from work and school on a purple bike…these new tires are going to look AWESOME on that machine! We’re going to try to profile Sara and her daily commute soon, so stay tuned for that.

In the meantime, congratulations again, Sara — and thanks for entering our raffle!

Midnight Ridazz in the LA Times

My co-worker handed me today’s ‘CalendarLive’ section of the LA Times. He thought that an article about the Midnight Ridazz would interest me. Although I’ve never been to a Midnight Ridazz ride (I live too far east), I always hear about the great times that riders have on the ride.

Here’s an excerpt of the article:

It’s no ordinary traffic jam, of course. It’s Midnight Ridazz, the loose network of bicycle enthusiasts, rogues and hipsters who have helped foment a cultural revolution in L.A. since 2004. Along with Critical Mass — a multi-city bicycle “event” founded in San Francisco in 1992 to promote cyclists’ rights by taking the streets once a month at rush hour — Midnight Ridazz and its growing diaspora of bicycle clubs have been pushing the envelope of what it means to be traffic, to the delight and fury of residents and officials.

Source: LATimes

Special Guest Appearance Coming Soon!

We’ve got a wonderful post-Thanksgiving treat for our readers…a special guest profile from someone who’s getting a LOT of attention in the blogging world!

Mystery Guest

We think you’ll enjoy the profile, so stay tuned…and in the meantime, have a happy and safe Thanksgiving holiday from all of us here at!