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Road Rash Repair Kit: First Impressions

A while back I talked about the Road Rash kit and how we thought it was a great idea, but didn’t want to get hurt in order to review it….

Flat Free Tire Sealant Tested

Over at, I published a video review of a tire sealant called, “Flat Free.” You can watch the review: HERE! Bookmark It Hide Sites

Product Review: Zogics Citra Wipes

The folks of Zogics sent us some Citra Wipes to review. Here’s some info about the wipes: CitraWipes are portable, non-toxic degreaser hand wipes with natural citrus oil extracts for…

Do you have a youngin’ that likes to ride bikes?

I posted a review of the Chariot Catch’em on It’s a great way to take your kids to school, or just spend time riding bikes! Bookmark It Hide Sites

Rear Blinky Comparo

Since it gets darker sooner, most of us have to ride in the dark. I’m more than a little paranoid about being seen — especially from the back. Most of…