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The Rear view mirror: My friend

KHS Green with the Cateye Mirror Nothing embodies Bike Geekness like the rear view mirror. Whether worn on a helmet, drop bars or bar ends, if you have a rear…

Road Rash Repair Kit: First Impressions

A while back I talked about the Road Rash kit and how we thought it was a great idea, but didn’t want to get hurt in order to review it….

Flat Free Tire Sealant Tested

Over at, I published a video review of a tire sealant called, “Flat Free.” You can watch the review: HERE! Bookmark It Hide Sites

Just Ask Jack — Lights At Night?

A reader sent in the following question: If you ride at night, what would you consider to be most important: 1. To be lit on the front 2. To be…

Product Review: Zogics Citra Wipes

The folks of Zogics sent us some Citra Wipes to review. Here’s some info about the wipes: CitraWipes are portable, non-toxic degreaser hand wipes with natural citrus oil extracts for…