Sea Otter 2008

Upcoming Product Reviews and Features

We’ve got a few new products to review from our crew’s recent trip to Sea Otter: a couple items from the good folks at Cycleaware including their “HotRod” MTB handlebar light —

Cycleaware HotRod

and their “Heads Up” eyeglass mirror —

Heads Up

In addition, we’ve got a really cool new pair of “Oasis” sunglasses to show off by Ryders Eyewear


and a voluminous messenger bag/laptop sleeve combo by the folks at Banjo Brothers

banjo brothers

Finally, in the next few days I will be posting the results of my long-term test of the Seattle Sports Fast Pack waterproof pannier. For right now, let me just say that this thing is bombproof. Also, I will be posting a “final thoughts” article on the Ergon BD-1 backpack that we’ve been testing.

So, stay tuned…lots of useful goodies and information coming your way!

Sea Otter Classic 2008: Selle An-Atomica

First of all, our apologies for all the outages that we’ve been experiencing for the last 2 days. Our hosting service is working hard on fixing the problem.

We swung by the Selle An-Atomica booth at the Sea Otter Classic. We checked out their not-so ordinary line of ostrich hide saddles. The cool thing about these saddles is that they are water resistant and come in different colors.

I sat down on their display model to get a quick ‘feel’ of the saddle; unlike my Brooks saddle, the Selle An-Atomica saddle molded to the shape of my rear instantly. I can’t really say that the saddle is more comfortable than others since I didn’t get a chance to ride one for an extended period of time, but if you go to their website, you can learn all about their saddles and about the anatomy of your butt. Oh, they also have an ‘upgrade’ for your Brooks saddle!

Sea Otter visit with Cycleaware

We met the cool people from Cycleaware, they are a company that manufacture and distribute a line of high-quality mirrors, lights and safety products for cyclists. Here are a few of the things that we will be testing on our commutes:

The Viewpoint mirror,

The reflex mirror,

The Heads Up,

The Hot Rod,

and my personal favorite, the stow-away:

Stay tuned for our upcoming reviews of these items!

Swobo visit at the Sea Otter Classic

The Sea Otter may not be a ‘bike commuter fest’ but we did manage to go and visit the Swobo booth. We met Sky Yeager, Stevil and the rest of crew and took some pictures of their stuff:

They also had a Folsom bike with a ‘show special’ sticker price, I couldn’t help myself after test riding it, so I brought it home.

I will be doing a review of this bike soon, let’s see how it handles my 21 mile commute.