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Assorted Fun Stuff For Your Tuesday

Here’s a collection of odd bits I’ve been emailed in the past week — or things I’ve discovered surfing the Web. Enjoy!

Artistic bike racks have been all over the news…nice to see that cities are trying to simultaneously spruce things up AND add bicycling infrastructure. Here’s a shot of a really nice bike rack just outside Millenium Park in Chicago — forwarded by our friend Ann Rappaport:

bike rack

Faithful reader Kevin Turner of Jersey City, NJ forwarded a link to the following online cartoon:


The complete cartoon series is called “The System” and can be found by clicking here. Based on the cartoons’ content, I can gather that the artist is a bike commuter, graphic designer and a serious smartass — thumbs up all the way around! There are several other commuter-friendly strips in his collection, too.

I spotted this on the excellent Cycleicious blog a couple weeks ago. Since then, I’ve scoured the Web looking for a high-resolution version so I can print and distribute these beauties wherever I go. No luck…but if any of you happen to find a better version out there, please post a link in the comment section:

car recall

And finally, good friend and fellow commuter Richard D. (known around here as “The Punisher” in keeping with our B-list superhero theme) sent me the following photo to let everyone know that he talks the talk even while relaxing with a bigbore shotgun. The tshirt is from KHS Bicycles clothing collection. Gas Sucks — Blast a Hole in the Sky!

gas sucks

Enjoy your Tuesday!

More Amazing Utility Bikes

A couple weeks ago, I posted a set of YouTube videos that showcased some of my favorite wacky “utility bikes”.

That posting caught the eye of one of our astute readers, who forwarded us a link to an amazing article on the Designboom blog. The article is a showcase recently held in St. Etienne, France — consisting of sustainable human- and solar-powered utility bikes, from electric-assist tricycles to a solar-powered DJ booth to my favorite, the rolling human-powered bike shop:

bike shop
(photo from the Designboom article)

Spin on over to read the full article and to gaze upon some of these wondrous creations. Web Event Start Tomorrow

If you have time over the weekend, please visit our friend Darren’s excellent bicycle-touring website at

His two-day “Web Event” kicks off at 8AM tomorrow…and the crew from have been given the honor of kicking it off with the first article posted — a crash-course tutorial on bicycle commuting.

Check out the lineup by clicking here….it’s gonna be star-studded! Plus, there will be periodic prize giveaways throughout the weekend. Stop in and check it out, ok?

OpenStreetMap Mapping Party in Tampa

Sorry about the late notice… is hosting a bicycle-based mapping party in Tampa this coming weekend (November 22nd and 23rd). Here are the details from the invitation:

Mapping parties are events where anyone can come along and join in improving the free world map of everything. We show you how to collect data (survey) and get the data in to OpenStreetMap. Once you put the data in to OpenStreetMap you or anybody around the world, can use the map in interesting and creative ways.

We have an event coming up in the Tampa/St.Pete area on November 22 – 23, 2008. They are informal events with no explicit time commitment and often a social element / refreshments afterwards. You should join us.

Saturday 10 – 5, and refreshments after.
Sunday 10 – 5

Experts, beginners and the curious are all welcome.

Rain or shine.

The party kicks off at the Panera Bread location at 11860 Bruce B Downs Blvd, near the University of South Florida campus. The organizer states that there will be a few “loaner” GPS units on hand, but you’re welcome to bring your own if you’re so inclined.

If you’re in the Tampa/St. Pete area and you’re interested in getting involved, please RSVP to:

Utility Bikes from Another Dimension

As you may know, the folks at are big fans of utility bikes — bikes that can haul a load of groceries or people; bikes that are more than just a pretty face.

But, there are inventive and talented builders out there who are taking the concept of a utility bike, throwing in a dash of artistic flair, sprinkling on some mad fabrication skills and rolling out on some really incredible human-powered machines. I’ve collected a handful of my favorites to share with you:

1) The Picnic Table Bike

2) The Waffle Bike:

3) The Pole Dance Bike, from the fertile minds at Poleriders (probably not the best blog to visit at work; there’s some suggestive photography on here that your boss may not appreciate):

4) The Drum Bike:

5) The Couch Bike: