People are stupid…

I’m going to vent a bit here…

I may have said this before, but people in big SUV’s…Excursions, Expedition, Tahoe, and the like all seem to think they are smaller than what they really are. They remind me of the evil step sisters in Cinderella trying on the glass slipper…they can’t fit cuz their feet are way too big!

That’s the same with big SUV’s. They maneuver them around town…especially around schools as if they are this tiny little Mazda Miata…you know the type, weaving in and out of traffic, parking in spaces clearly marked for “compact” and not seeing any cyclists that are on the road.

I’m guessing this must be a SoCal thing, but more so in Orange County, but people…LOVE their big SUV’s. Owning one would be the same as a middle aged man marrying a 22 year old blonde bombshell. These vehicles represent a social status for these owners, I guess it makes them feel rich or something. But c’mon! How rich do you feel when you’re shelling out almost $100 per tank of gas!

The kind I can’t stand the most are the SUV/Big trucks that have the front end lifted higher than the rear end. They try to make it look like a desert pre-runner, but absolutely has no use in the middle of Orange County driving down the 405 freeway. When they lift their trucks like that, they have a hard time seeing what’s in front of them and all around the truck. Which makes them a bigger risk for cyclists on the road.

Ok tantrum is over….phew…that felt much better!

What the…

I got an email from a loyal reader sharing his story about how he was whacked by a big SUV…check it out…

Fellas –
Quick story: I was riding home from a trail ride on my MTB.
Headlight, taillight, helmet — so I was being safe. The town I live
in, and in particular, the roads I was on, are unfriendly to cyclists,
typically. The drivers make me insanely nervous. I had taken a side
street, and went through a parking lot, and was now rolling on a
sidewalk approaching a crosswalk and traffic light at which I would
need to cross 4 lanes of traffic. The light was red, and as the road
was a T, and there were not pedestrian signs (there are now, though),
I couldn’t see how long it had been red. I started across — it
quickly turned green. A Suburban anticipated the light change and was
accelerating through the intersection. Of course, they hit me, and
threw me into the middle of the intersection. If not for the helmet,
I would not have gotten up. I did get up, and suffered some gashes,
bruises, and a broken humerus. (I got off easy!)

Waiting on the douche bag part (aside from anticipating a light and
accelerating through it, and not seeing my lights)? They, along with
their insurance company, have been pestering me to pay the $1400+ in
damage _I_ did to their SUV.

You HAVE to be a douche bag if you hit a cyclist and then ask them for money.