Hollywood Bus Driver Attacks Cyclist, LAPD Handcuff Cyclist (and Wife!)

From LAist:

A cyclist westbound on Hollywood Boulevard hears a loud horn behind him as he rides in the right side of the #2 lane, alongside a row of parked cars and dangerously close to the door zone.

The motorist with the heavy horn hand turns out to be Metro Bus Driver #XXXXX and she passes the cyclist so closely that his left hand touches the side of the bus as it speeds past him. The number #1 lane is empty and nothing serves to prevent the bus driver from changing lanes to pass the cyclist except for a failure on her part to acknowledge the cyclist’s right to ride the streets of Los Angeles without having his life threatened.

The bus proceeds down Hollywood Boulevard to a bus stop at Wilton and stops. The cyclist pulls up on the driver’s side of the bus and addresses the bus driver informing her that honking at a cyclist with no room to spare will only serve to startle the cyclist and cause a dangerous situation and that as a professional driver she should know that if the lane is too narrow to share, she should change lanes in order to pass without endangering the safety of the cyclist.

The driver screams “You were in my way. You need to get off the road!? She slams the window shut.

The cyclist, who would have accepted a “Sorry, my bad!? and called it a day, pulled in front of the bus and informed the driver that he was calling the police to report the driver for Assault with a Deadly Weapon, the bus. She screams, points at her watch, tells the cyclist to move and puts the bus in gear.

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Just Ask Jack — Spandex on a Commuter?

An anonymous reader sent the following question:

“Is it OK to wear spandex to work? I usually ride a road bike, but occasionally ride my MTB to work.?

My feeling is to wear whatever you like that makes you comfortable — whether it is spandex jerseys and shorts or tight leather pants and a puffy pirate shirt . Spandex cycling wear wicks moisture and feels pretty comfortable…which is why so many “serious? cyclists and racers swear by it.

However, there are certain conditions where spandex cycling gear does not fit the bill. First, wearing a full team kit is pretentious, loud and annoying. You should only wear team gear such as Liquigas, CSC or Discovery Channel IF YOU ARE ON THE TEAM! Similarly, wearing a Cervelo jersey while riding a Trek is a big no-no. If we see you, we’ll report you to The Bike Snob. Stick to the brand of bike you own if you absolutely must wear a team jersey and shorts. For everyone else, cycling-specific clothing comes in bright solid colors, too.

Another exception is wearing spandex clothing on a one-speed beach cruiser, Kmart special or any bike that even vaguely resembles the bike ridden by the “40 Year Old Virgin“. You’re not fooling anyone into believing that you are some badass fitness freak or serious racer…mostly, you just look overprepared (and a bit silly) to go fast on a bike that is physically incapable of going fast.

Finally, leave the spandex alone if, after putting it on, you look ANYTHING like this guy:

(Picture “borrowed? from How To Avoid the Bummer Life)

Seriously, no one should have to look at that!

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If it could save a life, why not tell more people about it?

A few months ago I contacted a company that produced a product that could literally save a bike commuter’s life. This device has helped millions of people world wide. But this company made it better. Their product is nothing else that I’ve seen before and that’s what drew me to them.

I spoke to the owner for about 1/2 an hour on my cell phone, he asked me what the site was all about and why we wanted to review their product. I simply put it, if I am still alive to write a review, then this item served its intended purpose. If not…well, it failed.

He went on and on about how great their product is compared to the hundreds of other companies that make a similar device. However, their item was a bit extraordinary, and that’s why I wanted to test it.

He then tells me that they do very little advertising and reviews because he didn’t feel that reviews would give their product a fair evaluation. Their item is about 5 times more expensive than the average item that fits closest to their specs, but I’ve seen their stuff and if you’ve seen it too, you’d drop the money to get it.

In my opinion, their item could literally save bike commuter’s lives on the road. But, what disappointed me was this…towards the end of the conversation I had felt that we had come to an agreement and explained our review process and such. But as we said our good byes, I realized that this guy was just pulling my leg. Sure enough, about a month later, he still hasn’t returned my emails or phone calls.

It really is a shame since his product is pretty cool. Sure you’re wondering what is this great item that could save lives and why am I not telling you about it. Well here it is.

It’s a light system.

As to why this guy didn’t want us to review his product and get free exposure on our site and have over 1000 unique visitors a day see his item…dunno to be honest with you. I figure he must have felt that his company and its products were either too good for us or he was afraid we’d find a flaw in it. What ever it is, its a shame.

So to make sure our readers are safe, here are some companies that we’ve dealt and have some awesome products for bike commuters.

Down Low Glow
Nite Rider

If you want to make your own head light, check this out. Our friend Mike made it and he posted it on Instructables.