Bikes That Work, Part Two

I’ve got one more working cargo bike to share today. A few weeks ago, we introduced you to Chris Follmer’s Big Dumb Pug. Well, Chris wanted us to know that this custom Banjo Cycles cargo bike is not just a pretty face — it can HAUL, too!

Big Dumb Pug at work

The load is 300 + t-shirts boxed up. Chris thinks that there’s room for more on this load-hauling beast!

If you look closely, you may notice a “tow truck” assembly on the back of the frame, just behind the rear tire. Simply remove the front wheel of a bike, clamp the fork into the fork block back there, slip the front wheel into one of the Freeradical pockets and off you go! We tried a similar thing down here, and it really works:

tow truck

Ride on, Chris, and thanks for sharing your cargo-crushing machine!

Xtracycle Open House…this Sunday!

From our friends at Xtracycle:

This is your chance to see Xtracycle Headquarters in the flesh, get your BBQ on, and invite your friends: we have a few offices soon to be available for sublease for the right sort of people/enterprise. (

The Xtra-Aire Airstream is in mid primp getting ready for her debut hosting the Red Hot Roots (our fantastic fleet of Radish service bikes) at The High Sierra Music Festival. We look forward to giving you the tour.

xtra flyer

P.s. No, that is not Richard Nixon pulling an Airstream by bike. It is in fact the French bicycle racer Latourneau towing an airstream in 1947, 50 years before the momentous birth of the Xtracycle cargo bicycle. 9 out of 10 French bike racers agree – if you’ve got to carry your home on your bike, Xtracycle is the way to go.

Chris’s Big Dumb Pug

Longtime friend of Chris Follmer of Planet Bike sent in the following photo…and we HAD to share it!

big dumb pug

Is this some sort of one-off Surly creation…a Big Dummy made to accept Pugsley wheels? Not exactly. Chris was kind enough to offer the following explanation:

This is a custom built bike by Banjo Cycles here in Madison. It has been dubbed the Big Dumb Pug. It is what happens when you leave a Pugsley and Big Dummy in a closet overnight alone! I just got it built up yesterday and rode it downtown…For Wisconsin winters, this bike will get me to the store where my others will stop dead in their tracks!

Folks in Madison (well, at least Chris) are already thinking about winter commuting. That’s hardcore! Chris also told me about Madison’s Bike to Work Week:

This is Madison and Milwaukee’s bike to work week and we did our 3rd annual “Bacon on the Bike path!” Planet Bike just sits on the side of a bike path downtown and we fry up bacon and have donuts and fruit and coffee. This year we had the Bicycle Federation of Wisconsin and a local bike shop next to us, fixing bikes and talking to people.

Mmm…bacon. Sure beats those stale bagels the commuter rest stops usually have!

Bicycle-Friendly Urban Prank

Longtime reader Eric Nordstrom sent us a link a month or so ago…an article illustrating one of my very favorite methods of civil disobedience — a great prank that included issuing a fake press release and putting up altered signage that helped cyclists with a concern.

Torontoistthe entire article — a prank from the fertile minds at Urban Repair Squad.

I’ve often joked that since the City of Tampa lags behind when it comes to painting bike lanes and adding other bike-friendly infrastructure, I was going to come up with some way to attach a painting device to my Xtracycle and start striping my own lanes…articles like the above and groups like Urban Repair Squad inspire me to make my joke more of a reality!

Another Wacky Xtracycle Mod

As you may know, the crew is all about modifications to the Xtracycle — increasing its versatility, passenger- and cargo-carrying capacity.

Thanks to a heads-up from my friend Ken Sturrock, there’s another cool mod featured on Xtracycle’s own site: The PizzaLoader! Ever wondered how you were going to carry those Italian pies to the Superbowl party, alley cat or other event? Fret no more — Xtracycle provides a complete materials list and assembly instructions!

(image borrowed — complete with typo! — from Xtracycle’s blog).

Check out this amazing modification by clicking here.