How to Carry a Studio on Your Bike

Just a few snaps from a photoshoot last week to show the Bilenky in action. The load on the front is actually pretty light. I was shooting some portraits using available light, so no need to carry lightstands, strobes and the like. One Pelican case with a camera body a few lenses.

I showed up early and had some time to kill, so I took a few pics of the set up. I’m pulling a Burley Flatbed trailer. On it is a stepladder, wooden chair and yes…a 3 foot inflatable globe. It was a prop for the shoot but also makes a not-so-subtle statement.

Here’s a detail of my bars. They’re Albatross bars, but I decided to add some bar ends to make an H-bar type configuration. It works pretty well. It gives me a little more stretched out position on long rides.

Last but not least, I’m rocking a ZeroPerGallon patch, reminding impatient drivers behind me what I’m NOT spending my money on :) Riding around with the rig got some fun looks. A few mouths hanging agape either in wonder, awe or revulsion.