Cycling the South East of Spain

Spain is a destination endlessly popular with cyclists. Its excellent climate, beautiful natural landscapes, and bike-friendly cities make it the perfect holiday location for travel hungry cycling nuts all around…


The Bike Geek: Burley Travoy

Hello fellow bike commuters! Did you miss your Monday Bike Geek fix? Me too, but I had a very busy weekend and I was not able to write my weekly…

The Bike Geek: The Bicycle Blue Book

Most of us are familiar with the famous “Blue Book” for cars. If you are not familiar with it, this little book (now a website and app) would give you…


The Bike Geek: Bike to Work Week Throwback Thursday

In honor of bike to work week AND Throwback Thursday, I present to you this picture of my haydays as a “hardcore” bike commuter. Enjoy. Bookmark It Hide Sites


The Bike Geek: Is your company bike commuter friendly?

I hope you have been enjoying “Bike to work month” also known as “Bike commuters get lots of free schwag month.” Lots of companies jump on the “bike to work”…