Rear Rack on SALE! $15!

You can’t beat this price! Check out Thanks to Lance for the heads up! Bookmark It Hide Sites

Why a fixed gear is better than a mountain bike for commuting

My main commuter bike is my Redline 925, its a fixed. But I also have my Ibex/Xtracycle when I need to carry a big load. I’ve come to the conclusion…

What matters to you on a commuter bike?

To me, a commuter bike has to be reliable. I’m not too picky about how light it is nor about how good it looks. If a bike can get me…

Trip Update

As most of you know, I took a little time off to go visit my brother-in-law and his family in Arvada, CO. I also stayed in Fruita, CO. I had…

New Boot Goofin’

This is one of my favorite bike clips ever! Click here to watch it. Bookmark It Hide Sites